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  1. V

    Laptop under 55K strictly.

    hey guys i am posting this on behalf of my friend,who happens to be a automation engineer. 1)Budget-55K strictly 2)size-14 to 15" 3)mostly gaming,for programming for Rockwell or Siemens software. 4)Configuration:he is aiming for i5 processor strictly because other processor cause problem...
  2. ithehappy

    A cheap Full HD television within 20k, possible?

    As the title says. The TV will be used as a monitor cum television, no gaming will be done, so don't bother about input lags and all those. This is for my cousin. And budget is strictly limited within 20k. No brand preference. Display size should be 24" or 26" Thanks in advance.
  3. A

    need new speakers budget 3500

    need new speakers for music+movies budget strictly 3500 no preferences
  4. veera_champ

    [Want to Buy] 1 or 2 TB INTERNAL or EXTERNAL HDD

    Hi :lol: as title says I am looking for 1TB or 2TB Internal SATA III or External USB 3.0 2.5'' HDDs WD BLACK preferred for Internal HDDS and strictly no for Caviar Green Series Pm me with your offers guys :razz:
  5. G

    Is the config ok for my need? & 2 other questions

    The purpose of this machine is to run Maya/Max 2012+, Photoshop CS5, Zbrush & play few Games( although not a priority). Here is the config i have choosen: Sapphire 1 GB HD 7750 Quite Key Keyboard Intel G2010 2.8 GHz Kingston 2GB DDR3 x 2 WD 500GB HDD LG 15'6" LED monitor MSI H61M-P20 Mobo...
  6. A

    Need an External Hard Disk for storage, 2 TB or above

    Budget is ~7.5k max, would prefer something around 6.5 though Buying from Flipkart Going to transfer all the data from my DVDs to this. Some 200 DVDs in total, will use strictly for storage How does this look? ...
  7. B

    Tipo or Tipo dual

    Guys . . I am looking to buy a smart android mobile in the range strictly<12000 . I decided to buy Sony Xperia Tipo . But now the confusion is whether to buy Tipo or Tipo Dual . Dual sim mobile is very useful for me . But what I heard is normally dual sim mobiles's performance will be low...
  8. Rockstar11

    Should i buy Asha 311??

    Nokia Asha 311 Rs.5,678 from homeshop18. My budget is strictly 5.5k any other option in this range?
  9. I

    Laptop with FHD, 3rd Gen i7 Quad core CPU, backlit keyboard under Rs. 60k - 65k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) ----Rs. 60,000 to 65,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? ----15.6 inch Mainstream laptop. Would be carrying it ocassionally, so lighter one will be better. 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you...
  10. gohan89

    Suggest me the best possible HDTV for strict 36k!!!

    I am really confused about the best possible screen size for my bedroom.. I was really hell bent on buying a 32" Full HD LED. Now please help me. Here are my requirements: 1)Budget strictly <=36k. 2)I will watch both SD and HD channels from my HD DTH and full experience the HD channels when...
  11. S

    ***Smartphone @ Strictly <9K***

    I need a smartphone strictly below INR9000. Preferred:- Video calling 1. Budget? Strictly below 9K 2. Display type and size? Touchscreen ONLY. No specific size required. Preferred - Capacitive. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar preferred. 4. Preferred choice of brand? International brands...
  12. N

    Totally confused.. Panasonic TZ25 or Sony HX9V

    hi.. i need a mega zoom company camera for myself. Budget is strictly below Rs. 15000. Plz suggest the budget option between the two or any other model.
  13. RCuber

    Backup Mobile for 2K

    Hey guys, I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 and need an additional phone as backup. Budget is Strictly <2K. Primary focus - Battery Backup Some phones which I looked into Nokia X1-01 - Rs. 1830 , Looks great!! Samsung Hero Music E1232B - Rs 1599 Spice M-6464 Rs. 1740 Micromax M2 Rs. 2165 These...
  14. tkin

    Best Audiophile Headphone Below 7k

    So guys, I have managed to get some cash from my parents, and I want to upgrade my headphones, max budget is 7k(not a penny more) Now, my requirements: 1. Strictly for music, so pure 2 channel audio, no 5.1 stuff. 2. I like them to be bass heavy, but good balanced sound is welcomed. 3...
  15. V

    Help me out with a e-book reader

    Sir i would like to get a e-book reader up to a range of Rs.6000. I have searched over some e-book readers but i cant get the exact details and prices or where i can get it. I would like you to suggest me a few e-book reader like kindle or some other company. Its strictly for the reading purpose...
  16. kool

    RakshaBandhan Gift, Cellphone Rs.2500 :-)

    Guys, My sis is in 1st year, want to give her a mobile on Raksha Bandhan.:smile::smile: Must Have features: MP3 Player, Good looking (cute & girly look) Budget: strictly under Rs.2500 Brand: Any Reply guys..... waiting.... I've checked Nokia X1-01,
  17. Pratz993

    Laptop @40k-60k

    Do help me out here my friend wants to buy a laptop and the buget is 40k-60k....He prefers gaming,movies and programming...plz help... i adviced DELL XPS series bt he strictly wants more information about that... @Sam do comment on this thread
  18. nims11

    Mobile Phone strictly <5000

    guyz i want to buy a good phone under Rs5000 and i will be using it for a year. Also the phone should be durable as it would subjective to rough use (phones keep falling from my hand). any suggestions?
  19. B

    3g phones

    Hi! I am planning to buy a 3g phone. I have three choices. 1.Sony ericsson k530i. 2.Nokia 6233 and 3.Nokia 3120. My budget is strictly under 8000 rupees. Please reply soon.
  20. B

    Best and Cheapest 3g phone

    Hi! I am planning to buy a 3g phone. I have three choices. 1.Sony ericsson k530i. 2.Nokia 6233 and 3.Nokia 3120. My budget is strictly under 8000 rupees. Please reply soon.
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