1. mitraark

    Broadcast TV over LAN

    Hello everyone, For the upcoming Cricket World Cup i got cable in my room and bought a USB TV Tuner Stick [ Beetel Fun USB TV TUner Stick ]. Also , i wanted to be able to stream the channel through our Hostel LAN Network. I can across this very simple guide of how to do it from this...
  2. MegaMind

    RAM query....

    Hi guys, i am planning to get a 4GB ddr2 800Mhz RAM stick from singapore. Brand will be G-skill or A-data. Now i am using 2x2GB kingston 800mhz, 1x2GB nanya 800mhz ram sticks... will i have any prob if i install the 4GB RAM stick???
  3. Admirer Of Digit

    DDR/DDR1 Ram 400 512mb x 2 or more

    Hi, I wanted a ddr/ddr1 400 Mhz 512 mb X 2 stick or 1 gb stick (may be both 2 x512mb & 1 gb) for my downloading rig , Pm me your offers...
  4. ssb1551

    Ddr3 ram

    Hi guys, I have a 2GB Zion DDR3 1333MHz RAM & I wanna increase the RAM of my system.Should I go for a single stick of GSkill's 2GB DDR3 1333MHz or a single stick of GSkill's 4GB DDR3 1333MHz.I only have 2 RAM slots in my Motherboard & 1 is free.I'm not planning to overclock so will...
  5. NewsBytes

    SimplyMEPIS 8.5

    MEPIS is a Linux distribution (a.k.a "distro") that is designed to give new users a no frills experiece when trying it for the first time. It is based on Debian and gives users the option of either running it as a LiveCD or installing it permanently on your hard drive. When run in the LiveCD...
  6. S

    "reinsert memory stick" error in sony cam..

    hi everyone.. I have a sony cybershot DSC-W180 digi cam... i accidentally deleted some files from it and in order to recover them i immediately removed the memory stick frm the cam. then when i connected the cam to my pc and tried to read from it, the cam says Reinsert the "Memory Stick" i...
  7. Admirer Of Digit

    DDR RAM 512mb 400 MHz

    Hi, I am lookin For a stick of 400 mhz DDR/DDR1(same) ram of 512mb .As I wanted to increase the memory of my Old rig. Also, wanted a stick of 1Gb 400 Mhz ddr1. Contact:-
  8. cool.aquarian

    Need advice on choosing RAM

    Hi fellow Digitians, My relative has an old Dell Inspiron 6000 running XP, which came from factory with 2x256mb PC2 3200 RAM and supports dual channel with max 1GB PC2 5300 in each slot. Recently, one of the RAM stick seems to have conked off. The major use of the Laptop is: Internet Access...
  9. L

    Need Help Selling A Laptop

    I would like to sell my one year old laptop HP DV4-1133TX and am confuse over pricing it. I believe it already is phased out so i do not know what the current market price will be and i bought it for 63,000. Here's the config: Product NumberFZ722PA Microprocessor2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo...
  10. J

    Sethia Infotech, Chennai, CHEATING ??

    Guys... need help. Purchased two RAM sticks online from OCZ Vista Performance Gold DDR2 800MHZ. 2 sticks of 2 GB each. They charged Rs. 2,800 per stick, and added Rs. 224 as tax, and Rs. 75 as shipping. ON TOP OF IT they took 3% for credit card transaction.. I had to...
  11. NoasArcAngel

    Selling SONY PSP 3004 kit

    PSP 3004 Piano Black What is inside? 1.PSP console no. 3004 slim and bright 2.Original battery 3.Original adapter 4.User manual 5.Original retail packaging cardboard box 6. 3 service coupons 6 months warranty Also included: 1.usb cable motorola minib 2. mem stick 8 GB mark II 3. Case logic...
  12. chesss

    hardware course from IIHT

    I am thinking of doing a hardware course from IIHT. They are charging me 12500 for a 4 month course . Has anyone here done the same or similar course? Share your experience please. Also is it better to stick with these 'popular' institutes like IIHT/jetking or should I also look into similar...
  13. B

    Biostar790GX 128MB BIOS Corrupted No display

    How to recover BIOS after BIOS update failure?? * I tried to reflash the bios While Updating the BIOS with the BIOS update windows utility the Programme hanged and i have to restart it (after atleast 6-8min) now I am having trouble...
  14. red_devil

    using the RAM combo ... SAFE ?

    hey guys, I had a 512MB RAM stick running on my PC....just today I bought a new 2GB RAM . The 2 GB ram worked normally [while i'd removed the 512MB one] and the OS detected it as a 2GB ram and everything was fine. Then I added the 512 MB RAM stick as well and even then the OS [vista] detected...
  15. M

    Suggest a card reader!

    Hey guys i need card reader for mainly sd card ,micro sd format. Ability to read se card formats like memory stick pro,m2 will be added bonus. Thanks. Pls do mention price .
  16. stellar

    Antivirus Showdown

    Is Norton Anti virus 2009 better than other anti virus softwares. I'm currently using AVG internet security.Should I stick with it or get Norton Internet security.
  17. T

    Windows XP hibernation problem

    Hey guys i just recently replaced my 1gig ram stick with a new 2gig ram stick in my desktop machine. however now i find that my windows xp wont hibernate. when i hold down the shift button and press hibernate the desktop reappears. also before pressing the hibernate button, there is a hibernate...
  18. R

    RAM Recommendation needed

    i already have a Transcend 2gb stick of 800mhz. i want to buy a single 2gb stick and which one do you recommend? tq
  19. Kniwor

    FS: 2Gb Sandisk Memory Stick Micro (M2) (for Sony products)

    Recently purchased Memory Stick M2 for sale, carries 5 Years warranty direct from Sandisk and can be claimed anywhere using the serial number. Here is the pic. Expecting: 950/-
  20. G

    Ram Problem: Transcend 1GB Stick vs Xion 1GB Stick.

    My friend has a motherboard with two DIMM slots. On one, he has a 1GB Transcend DDR2 667MHz single stick ram, the other is empty. Today we went out and bought another 1GB stick, but not of the same company. It's from ZION, and it is a single stick 1GB DDR2 667MHz ram as well, so both of them...
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