1. N


    Dear friends, Please clarify me about RAM fandas! I am having P-3, 650 Hz, 128 SD RAM @ 100 and also 133 sticks. I am told that the better RAM is DDR SDRAM. I am also told that SDRAM and DDR RAM are not interchangeable. Either I have to fix SDRAM stick or DDR RAM Stick but both...
  2. J

    Trasnsfer of mp3 files to USB stick

    Transfer of mp3 files to burn a cd is possible with Nero using only playlists, Is there any way of transfering mp3 files using the play lists to USB stick mp3 player? I use winamp .m3u files in Nero.
  3. dare_dexter

    Poll for PC users- Future of Linux

    :?: Hey guys, do you like to stick to Windows? Or, on the contrary, are a open-source fan? Let's see!
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