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  1. patkim

    Vaio - USB Mouse prevents standby mode

    I have Vaio VPCYB15AG with Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. The laptop does not get into standby mode despite idle time reached when USB mouse is connected to it. Is this behavior 'by design' for laptops or a software/hardware bug? Remove the mouse and it goes to standby mode after specified idle time.
  2. E

    What does Dual SIM Standby and Optional Dual SIM mean?

    Please see the photo. May I know what Dual SIM standby mean? I don't have a dual SIM phone, nor have any plan to get one either, just asking this for a friend of mine. He is wanting to know whether both the SIM cards will be active and able receive phone calls or not. Cause on older days...
  3. R

    SMPS not working

    My FSP Saga II died yesterday issue is motherboard is getting standby voltage (led on MB) is green. But when I press power no turning on Also tried to short 13th and 14th I think(black and) no fan Since it is providing standby voltage, I'd there any chance any fuse inside blown...
  4. patkim

    unable to resume from standby

    I have sony vaio Y series netbook Win7 Starter 32bit, AMD E350 processor, 2 GB RAM, it’s about 1.5 years old. Now it fails to resume from Standby or ‘Screen turned off’ mode. The blinking orange light (during standby) does turn green when I press power button, but nothing happens thereafter. I...
  5. Nerevarine

    PC Standby problem

    My friend's PC automatically goes to Standby mode, when running for a while (even when it is not inactive).. I have checkd the power management settings etc but the problem still persists.. The complete specs :- Core2Duo 2GB RAM El-cheapo Zebronics PSU (This might be the cause but i still...
  6. R

    dual sim within 2k

    dual sim for 1.5k-2k with dual standby atleast & dual active if possible
  7. ithehappy

    Is my Monitor's time up?

    As the title says I am noticing that for last two weeks my monitor is suddenly turning off or going to standby mode. Someday it happens twice or thrice and someday it stays on. I checked every settings in Control Panel power and etc. but everything is OK and my CPU stays on, no sound or awkward...

    Nokia 5230 battery standby.

    Can anybody tell how much juice is battery of NOKIA 5230 gives after full charge? It ix charging in 7 hrs. I got 10 days before n battery running only 1 hr net usage n oneday standby with few calls? :( btw im gonna post review soon.
  9. V

    What is Dual SIM Dual Standby ???

    Hi... Can anyone tell me what is meant by Dual SIM Dual Standby. Is that mean that both SIM are active at the same time ?
  10. R

    Nokia 5130 query

    Hi, I bought a Nokia 5130 yesterday.I was checking out the camera and noticed a few colored dots when i focus it at some dark objects and in dim/bad light.However this doesn't appear in the photo when taken.Is this problem serious.Any other 5130 user having this issue?. PS:this happens only in...
  11. liquidsnake

    need to wake up when power comes

    hello friends i am facing a little problem i download whole night but sometimes when power is interrupted my lappy goes to standby at 3% battery, but doesnt resume when power comes :cry: i tried a lot of softwares that suggest that wake up from standby, hibernate etc but they couldnt wake my...
  12. patkim

    Standby option got disabled in XP

    Recently after a power failure when I restarted my XP Pro, I noticed that the Standby option is now disabled and hibernate support no longer available in Power options. It is properly set in BIOS, and was working well with XP before that power failure. I think somewhere something might have...
  13. V

    Enable standby button

    I had installed Win XP SP3 Vienna Edition , and after that i found that my standy button cant be active , i can perform other operations like shutdown and restart , but standby button cant get activated .. Is there any registry tweak to perform .. Thanks in advance
  14. MetalheadGautham

    Nokia 7210 Supernova ???

    I saw this phone at GSMARENA.COM after seeing an ad in digit forum here selling it for 5.3K. Comparing with 5130 XpressMusic, it seems like its crippled when it comes to the fact that it supports a max 2GB memory & has only 2H talktime and 250h standby time...
  15. G

    StandBy Problem in Ubuntu 8.1

    I m currently using Ubuntu 8.10 on Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80GHz, 1203 MHz Hitachi HDP72502 250GB SATA HDD 1 GB RAM running on Biostar MOtherBoard-GF7050V-M7 SE the moment i go to standby mode --Ubuntu normally goes to standby with by power LED Blinking But when i press...
  16. V

    Disabling Windows Standby Mode

    Hi All, From a few days I'm havin a strange problem.My windows-xp SP2 and windows vista ultimate both r goin in standby mode automatically after some time of power-on. :confused: The CPU automatically goes into standby mode after around 30min of processing time.Evn after resumin it, the same...
  17. D

    Standby question

    Hi Guys, If I have my lap top set to switch off HDD at 15min, Standby at 20m and hibernate at 30m, when in plugged in mode then will it still do all of these things if I am not there so there is no keyboard/mouse activity but there is an active download going on? IOWs do I need to change these...
  18. V

    Wann buy new cell phone

    Friends I wanna buy a nokia cellphone specially to connect net through it,can u please suggest me a cell phone with this features. I can afford upto 8K. 1)camera : 2 mega pixel 2)EDGE 3)FM Radio 4)320 x 240 resolution 5)good standby and talktime And one more thing which operator provides a...
  19. N

    Standby and Auto-Power off disabled

    Hi Guys I have a problem with the Standby option and Auto-Power off feature of my system. Mine is an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ on an MSI RS480M2-IL motherboard with 1.5 GB RAM of which 128 MB is shared by the onboard ATi Radeon Xpress200 graphics chipset. I have two hard drives - a 120GB SATA on...
  20. M

    SE Users help me.

    guys m using se k850i. can anyone tell me how to switch off "cell info display"...ie info regarding street name/area name in standby mode.
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