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  1. D

    NON-Magnetic Flip Cover (w/wo stand) for Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM

    Lumia 640xl is awesome. And GPS works great(really). And a magnetic flip cover pretty much messes up the calibration. I ordered a leather flip cover from amazon and the magnet always interferes with Maps. Is there any good flip cover without magnets anyone knows about? With stand will be a plus...
  2. Nipun

    Preparatory book for BBA-MBA/BBA-LLB?

    Hello. I'm having my eyes on the 5-year integrated courses in BBA-MBA or BBA-LLB. I was passed a mock test by someone to test where I stand, and let's just say results are not good. :razz: Which book/study material/whatever should I buy/refer-to? TIA.
  3. S

    TV stand for 32 inch lcd

    Hi Guys I used to use wall mount for my 32inch lcd tv but i recently moved and here i cannot use it where can i buy a stand so tht i can set it up on table. i tried few electronics store but no luck... any ideas. thank. i am in pune btw.
  4. B

    A general question

    i have a 15inch LG l1515s monitor . . . i am okay with it . . . but i have a query --my monitor's stand(Supporting rod) is pretty small. . so the screen is is at a very low height . . . but new monitors (16inch or 15.5inch) have a large stand . . so the screen is at a higher height . . .it is...
  5. M

    pls suggest me a video stand for my samsung galaxy note

    Dudes, any knew abt any stand to keep my mobile (Samsung Galaxy Note) to shoot. or even any idea for modding. hardly waiting to hear. best mobileman
  6. M

    Indian F1 Tickets - Practice / Qualifying

    Got these Indian F1 tickets which I can provide - Day 1: Practice - Rs. 1,000/ticket No. of Tickets - 10 Stand - Classic Stand 1 East Car Park Ticket - 2 Nos. - Rs. 500 each Day 2: Practice / Qualifying - Rs. 1,500/ticket No. Of Tickets - 5...
  7. saswat23

    Laptop Coolers under 3k.

    My friend has DELL Inspiron 15R N5010. He wants a good laptop cooler stand under 3k. Plz suggest some good models. The stand must be able to hold a 17inch lappy too.
  8. The Sorcerer

    Here’s How You Can Win a Free Copy of Killzone 3

    Mumbai-based Game4u is organising a mid-night India launch for the game on the 23rd of February (Wednesday). Turn up there and you stand a chance of winning a free copy of the game, a Killzone 3 poster or even a First2Own certificate. Source
  9. ajayashish

    Help: Choose between Dell Monitor

    Can you guys help me in choosing between these monitors... Rs. 13225 ST2410 Full HD Monitor, DVI, HDMI, DVI (HDCP), Tilt adjustable Stand Rs. 13570 U2211H UltraSharp Full HD IPS Panel, Anti Glare with hard coat 3H, 1920x1080,* DVI (HDCP), USB, Height-Adjustable stand, Pivot, Tilt and...
  10. bajaj151

    Sony Vaio Stand

    Please suggest Laptop Stand for Sony Vaio VPCEB14EN Budget - Max. Rs.1.5K
  11. T

    wii for sale 6 days old

    wii for sale black, bought on 13th of sep..... includes Black Wii Console Black Wii Remote with strap Black Nunchuk Black Wii Motion Plus add-on Wii AC Adapter Wii Stereo AV Cable Wii Stand Wii Stand Plate Wii Sensor Bar Sensor Bar Stand AA Battery Wii...
  12. D

    Stand Up Take Action 2010.We need you…

    Child labor is eating up the world from inside and we are not even noticing. We have been blessed to have had a good education-thanks to our parents.. But then again there are some children in this country who can not even write their own names. Is it not then up to us to make sure that these...
  13. Rahim

    Asha Bhosle snubs Raj, says Mumbai for all

    Asha Bhosle has joined a small but growing list of celebrities who are daring to take on MNS chief Raj Thackeray over his campaign against migrant workers in Mumbai. "Mumbai belongs to everybody. No matter which place you belong to, you can stay anywhere and earn your livelihood," Asha said at...
  14. IronCruz

    Eger to know

    in some sites i've seen the words used "SOME GAME NAME"-RELOADED "SOME GAME NAME"-Full RIP etc what does this bolded words stand for...
  15. V

    Samsung High Definition LCD TV cum PC Monitor for just 8K

    I have used this HDTV for more than a one and a half year (while I was living a bachelor life) and now need to upgrade to a bigger 42 incher for my family. It is also serving as my primary PC Monitor and I have connected it via HDMI interface to my 4850 and I get razor sharp images. Max...
  16. D

    hardware problem.. need help.. urgent.. plzzz..

    Hey guys, m having a desktop with AMD athlon, 512 ram, 40 gb hd.. now-a-days, whenever i start my computer, it gets automatically shut down after 5-7 mins, and the green light keeps blinking, like d way it blinks in stand by mode.. tried a lot of things.. but didn't worked.. :-(.. Cn u help me...
  17. M

    Dell 19" Monitor SE198WFP

    I would like to buy this monitor. Any suggestions for a better one. Right now, do not need HDMI, USB ports, Full HD, and I need only 19" as 22" is too large a size for me. The big disadvantage I see is that it has no height or swivel adjustment. Is there any means possible to have height...
  18. surinder

    Suggest soundcard for my LOGITECH Z5500

    Hi guys, I have purchased LOGITECH Z5500 couple of days ago. My onboard REALTEK HDA is not upto the mark. My ASUS PMKPL-VM have S/PDIF concetable pins onboard but the socket is mising and S/PDIF AUDIO MODULE cards are rear and fullishly overpriced so this option sucks (real bad...
  19. B

    Stand by missing!!!

    I have recently re-installed xp and found the 'stand by' button missing in the "turn off" menu. Please help me
  20. H

    XP eXPired - Today.......

    We Xp addicts are now the Xpired users....... Microsoft declares the expiration of Windows Xp..... This is the thread to get all the non-techy talk out. I also hope that they also withdraw the copyright and we all can use some original xp (IYKWIM) well, will you think the old guy will stand...
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