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  1. D

    iem within Rs 800

    i generally listen to trance music so can you guys please suggest me an iem within Rs 800 with good bass and sound stage
  2. rakesh_sharma23

    OC at 5,2GHZ

    Overclocked Intel Core i7-5960X CPU upto 5.2GHz with 8Cores/16 Threads fully stable on my Single Stage Phase Changer at -26C
  3. D

    new headphones for 1k

    hey guys i am thinking about buying a headphone within a week or two.i am looking for an iem with decent base and sound stage so any suggestions ?
  4. quagmire

    Isro test fires India's heaviest rocket GSLV Mark III

    8nBpiujb31U GSLV Mark-III lifts off successfully from Sriharikota | Business Standard News
  5. anirbandd

    Sonodyne SiA 320 + Sonus 2605 v3 Stereo System Review

    Sonodyne SiA 320 + Sonus 2605 v3 Stereo System Review Well.. I decided to write this review because there are not a lot of reviews for the particular model in subject. I wanted to target this review for those people who will buy the Sonus 2605 with Sonodyne's own recommended amp SiA 320...
  6. sumonpathak

    HWBOT Country CUP 2012

    Well gentlemen...its time to fight for your country coz the Country Cup 2012 has started... lets see what they have in store for us I have something planned...and since this is for INDIA i would urge all of you to cooperate forgetting our differences..lets show the world that we can do...
  7. doomgiver

    HD6770 overclocked to 900Mhz (overclocked) core and 1200Mhz (stock) VRAM

    This is my first attempt at any sort of overclocking. Testbed : AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE (stock) with CM hyper 212 evo GSkill 4 GB DDR3 @ 1088 Mhz Gigabyte GA-880GM UD2H Sapphire HD 6770 1 GB GDDR5 Windows 7 64 bit Corsair VX450 AMD Catalyst 12.10 Sapphire Trixx MSI Afterburner MSI Kombustor...
  8. dashang

    need some engg ideas for ganpati stage

    Guys!!! As we are Engineers , i thought there should be some engg done in ganpati stage what we decorate .... i had idea of keeping chargeable tiles ... what happens is when someone keeps leg on plates , it generates some amount of electricity ....it was shown in discovery ...
  9. ajayashish

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Runtime error

    Hi, The game was running fine till i reach the "Shattered Mountain" which I believe is the last stage. Suddenly now it giving some Runtime error. So the game starts... i select the campaign and select the last saved state... it starts loading and then a blank screen comes which happens...
  10. A

    Flashing Nokia C6

    I am having Nokia C6-00. Its become very old , more than a year. lots of application, log, settings, files make it ultra slow. I want to flash it and want to make it to that stage, after unpacking. Can anyone tell me the procedure and required softwares . N.B : I don't want to visit Nokia...
  11. R

    samsung phone crash.

    hi frnds. yesterday, while i was caling sum1 my phone(samsung-GT3500I) just crashed and restarted and after dat it didnt start.now its in the initializing stage after booting.please help!
  12. funkysourav

    Crysis Freezing when loading next stage

    Hi guys i always have heard that Crysis is buggy, well it was just a word for me until now when i have come to face it up close everytime (well most of the time) i complete a given stage or chapter and the game's supposed to load the next stage, it freezes so i would load a previous save...
  13. vamsi_krishna

    Oblivion Help

    I have started playing Oblivion this morning. The quest destinations are way too long to walk.. so, I am fast traveling to the locations. I know, I'm missing goodies in the middle, but it is too long to walk. I really want to go there by myself. But it is taking awful amount of time. So, how...
  14. A

    ISRO lagging behind

    Hi Today i was watching live ISRO launch of GSLV carrying GSAT-5P and i was really sad to see it getting wasted like that. I know many will say that we are in learning curve, we will learn, will will succeed, these failures are just stepping stones to success etc etc But the reality is we...
  15. Rahim

    Just 14, he is Delhi IIT-JEE topper

    Fourteen-year-old Sahal Kaushik, who holds the 33rd rank at all-India level in the IIT JEE exam, emerged the Delhi region topper in the entrance examination. At the press conference to honour the toppers, Sahal, who was too shy to speak on stage, handed the mike over to his mother Ruchi...
  16. W


    i have recently given my last semester exam for BSC IT and awaiting the results. i m planning to dao an MBA. In what all fields i can do specialization in MBA? Also which one is better MBA IT or MBA Systems? Or is it good to do an MCA at this stage?? pls suggest...
  17. A

    Linux Certification

    I am currently in my 2nd year of B.Tech in Computer Science from Amity University, Noida. Thanks to digit, I gathered some basic skills on Linux after which I wondered whether I could convert these into a certificate or not. A superficial search on the internet revealed that there are 4...
  18. quad_master

    NFS:Most Wanted:Problem :(

    guyz...im having some problem while playing NFS:Most Wanted...in the career mode while challenging blacklist#15 in a race my car broke down :cry: and i need to choose a new car...after selecting a car the loading menu came and the game screwed up...a pop up from visual studio just in time...
  19. sreenisatish

    Philips SHE9800 Review

    Hello Everyone, After the review of my headphones here: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=94359 I am now back with review of another earphone, the SHE9800 from Philips. I had promised myself not to buy another headphone in 2008, but well, you know :P So, what are we waiting...
  20. joey_182

    Not able to Install Xp

    hey guys.. i just bought hp dv 1131tx ....with preinstalled vista..but i wanted to install xp on it..so..formatted whole hdd..when i put my xp cd..when windows starts too load its setup..it gives me BSOD everytime...so..i try to install vista on it again...here al works fine till the last stage...
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