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Where to buy Intel 335 240GB SSD from?


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I wanted to buy Intel 335 240GB SSD.Please provide me links or any specific pointers, so that I may approach them but it should certainly be under 11.5k



Product name:Intel 335 240GB SSD.


Buying location:Hyderabad (or) online.

Here Intel SSD 335 Series 240GB Review its price is clearly shown as 10.7k


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I am not sure why you need intel ssd but i can assure this ssd is also too good for gaming as you wont see much of load time at all unless you have enough ram.

Corsair 240GB Force 3 SSD

10.5k less than your budget

if you need much better in uncompressed vice versa then eyes closed get force gt 1k extra ie 12.5k but its w
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