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A good ssd for my os and high end games?


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Hello. My specs-
Core i7 3770k processor
Asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard
Nvidia gtx 690 zotac graphics card
Corsair vengeance 2x4gb ram
Corsair h100i cooler
3x cooler master 90 cfm fans
Corsair tx850m power supply
Seagate barracuda 1tb internal hdd
Cooler master 690 2 Plus cabinet
I have already purchased all these components but not assembled them yet since I first want to purchase a ssd. I am not even sure that all these components will fit in my cabinet!
So please recommend me a good ssd for my os (Windows 8) and for some real heavy games.
Also, well all these components including ssd fit finely into my cabinet?
My budget for ssd is rupees10000. I want my ssd to be of capacity 128gb.


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Yeah I know and that is, only if I can find it for cash on delivery and shops here have barely any good models.
I decided to go with but confused between two-
Samsung 840 120 GB SSD or
Corsair Neutron GTX Series 120 GB
Which is better?


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Thanks everyone.
Going for Samsung...
Can't find crucial m4...
But anyways... I made up my
I made up my mind :)


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Try getting Samsung 830 series 128GB SSD instead of Samsung 840 series 120GB SSD although 840 128GB at 7.5k is fine for its price.
It is a much better all round performer than samsung 840,comes with 5 years warranty compared to 3 years of samsung 840.
Corsair neutron gtx is a better overall performer than samsung 840.With all of these drives the read speed would be similar but the TLC based 840 has relatively very less write speeds.

harshilsharma63,the link you posted shows samsung 840 PRO series SSD not 840 series.840 Pro(MLC based) is much better than 840(TLC based).

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OCZ as a company future is shaky.....IMO...so avoid it. Choose between the Samsung and the Crucial. How I see it. Samsung = Performance. Crucial = Reliability and of course performance.


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Ok so now again, I am totally confused :confused:
Maybe if someone can tell me major difference in two of them.... Google doesn't help.
I prefer Samsung for presence of cache memory. If it matters that is...

I would select Samsung eyes closed...;-)
I was just letting you know about other possible options
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