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  1. J

    my sql book

    I am beginner in learning MYSQL. can anybody suggest me a book/website for free downloads for learning MYSQL
  2. C

    SQL syntax book

    Anybody can suggest me a good, easy to understand syntax book for SQL, VB? I mean just the syntax... not the whole bla..bla..
  3. ionicsachin

    Some silly doubts....

    I just wanted to knw what the following things mean and what is there use and all... 1) MD5 checksum 2) CRC (usually some sort of error I think) 3) E3 (They say Crysis is releasing at E3) 4) IRQ 5) SQL Also please explain me what exactly is meaning of "route" and "port" in a Network
  4. H

    Norton worm protection

    I use NAV 2005 Ver . It keeps on blocking a worm called MS SQL Stack BO with Risk level HIGH, Have any of u guys encountered this problem ? Could it be because I'm using MS SQL server service manager Ver 8 ?
  5. S

    SQL server ERROR

    Hello Friends, I am getting the error [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied in my SQL server. The SQL server is running and everything is fine i mean all the services are running. Same coding and script was running fine till date and...
  6. C

    Problem installing SQL Server 2000

    Hello! I am trying to install MS SQL Server 2000 on my PC which is running WinXP SP2. At the ending of the setup I get an error stating that 'Could not start server. Refer to sqlsetup.log for more details' Here is an excerpt from the log where the error occurs: Starting Service ...
  7. R

    distributing application developed using vb and sql server

    hi is it possible to distribute applications developed in VB and sql server 2000 using setup utility. I have a setup file for my application , but how do u do setup or installation of sql server? Is it possible that i include my software and sql server in one installation? also my...
  8. R

    how to install application developed in vb & MS SQL Server

    i have developed application in vb and ms sql. if suppose i wan t to sell that, then do i need to install ms sql server on clients pc, if yes, installation procedure can be automoated in my package?
  9. R

    picture in database

    can we store pictures in sql database.. if yes how?
  10. R

    free host with SQL Server databse

    HI I wanna do website using ASP and SQL Server, please let me know free hosts. I dont mind advertisement with text link. I want this for converting my site http://k.domaindlx.com/radhakishan to sql server. If u have any better suggestion than to switching to sql server welcomed. Thankss
  11. R

    confused!! spending money for learning .NET or java?

    Hi all, I want to do my career in Computers, I know C++,SQL Server, Delphi. To study further, i want to know in which technologies i should concentrate. I like ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server. Before taking admission in institution i want to know what i should study. One of my friends...
  12. R

    sql tutorial

    can anyone get me sql server tutorial and oracle turorial in pdf format? its urgent
  13. vikasg03

    error while trying to retrive text for error ORA-12203

    hy whenever i install SQL TOOLS in windows98 SE always one error comes "error while trying to retrive text for error ORA-12203" and SQL TOOL not connected but SQL PLUS or TOAD Easily connected to database. i have working on oracle 8. plz help me vikas
  14. R

    SQL in red hat9

    Can SQL and PL/SQL be runned in Red Hat9? If yes, how?
  15. R

    SQL Password

    How to change SQL username and password(sott/tiger)?Can somebody give a link from where i can download almost all the SQL & PLSQL commands and programmes?
  16. J

    My Sql

    Hello Guys Here Is A Question About my sql Can I Link A my sql With Other Web Site.that mean I am Having A free web hosting with bizhat they dont support my sql but i need to create a phpbb forum i have a my sql data base in other site can i connect with that one please tell me
  17. C

    internal server error

    I have set up a webser using microsoft IIS ,in Xp. whenever i try url query (sql server 2000) for xml i get this error. how do i fix it up
  18. T

    SQL & MySQL

    What is the difference b/w SQL and MySQL?
  19. S

    sql commands

    can u tell me a software to practise sql commands is there a freeware version of oracle to practise availabale
  20. G

    Windows Update V6 Officially released

    Microsoft has quitely released the Windows Update v6, for all versions of windows, the most significant new feature is the online key validator, also it is no longer known as Windows Update v6 but Microsoft Update Source Neowin & Microsoft Direct Link ...
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