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  1. Q

    How to create a database & server in SQL server

    Please help Me to create a SQL server & database. Thanks Qasim.
  2. choudang

    urgent - SQL 2008 - Table lock

    hi, need some info on SQL 2008. one of my x-colig asked me on this scenario, i said with Tablock but i am not too confident on that, AFAIK, we have to apply trigger to prevent table drop. case: Org has two databases as DB1 and DB2, for accessing every user has to authenticate themselves...
  3. devgujar

    Next version of SQL Server(SQL11) code named 'Denali'

    Microsoft has released the next version of SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2011 code-name SQL Server Denali CTP1 (Community Technology Preview 1) on 11/8/2010 But one more bad news for XP users "it is not possible to install SQL Server 2011 Denali on Windows XP" Before starting to...
  4. redhat

    SQL databse query.

    Hi friends, I would like to create a program with a MySQL DB at the back-end. Firstly can I do this and how? I know I can use MSSQL with VS2010 on the front-end but I couldn't understand how to use MySQL as the back-end. Secondly, I want to know how I can deploy this standalone program to the...
  5. udaydeep_1990

    Play/Search/Organize music using SQL Queries...

    I used to have a music player on my windows based PC that allowed me to execute SQL queries on its music database...it had a certain nomenclature for the column names and i could find create playlist using sql queries... but unfortunately I forgot its name & I cant find it anywhere on the web...
  6. rajwansh2003

    SQL 2005 error

    I am using: Windows 7, sql server 2005 my problem is that i can not connect from data base......
  7. deepakgates

    radio button checked and not checked at same time

    okay then .... im making dynamic sql statement rmode is a radio button and tmode is a combo box im facing a hell of a problem do u see two if statement just one get executed the second one... if i put only second then it gets executed and if only first then nothing gets executed...
  8. deepakgates

    (“server=bnewsome;database=pubs;user id=sa;password=!p@ssw0rd!;”)

    Im reading this wrox beginning visual basic 2005 and in an example it says (“server=bnewsome;database=pubs;user id=sa;password=!p@ssw0rd!;”) firstly what is "bnewsome" what i have to use in case of local host i got sample database pubs but i don't know the user id and password of my...
  9. M

    asp.net database.cs help

    I am trying to develop a class in asp.net where I want to put some common functions but I don't know how to add value in sql query using ....Parameter.AddWithValue("@r", txt.Text) please suggest me some example or some tutorial please help....
  10. anshul

    Hospital management system using VB 2008 .net

    I want a sample project source code on Hospital Management using VB studio 2008 and dot net........backend sql may be used.....I need It urgently please help... SOS
  11. Pratul_09

    Help needed in SQL Server

    We have two SQL Server installations which are in different location (ie., 100 KM apart). Records are continuously being added and delete into the tables and we have good internet connectivity between them. Now my question is that how will we make them replicate to each other and what are the...
  12. R

    Oracle SQL plus :Download

    Hello i am new to oracle sql plus so nd little help Acc to this page http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/database/index.htmldownload size is 1.7gb to 1.9 gb which is like a package which cointain Sql plus Is there any way to download SQL plus only ? Only program i using...
  13. krishnandu.sarkar

    Problem while Installing SQL Server 2005

    I've both the developer and enterprise edition of SQL Server 2005. I use windows XP. But I can't install it successfully. Do I need Server Based OS(windows server 2003, 2005 etc) to install SQL Server??? Everythng is fine but I think the databse is not getting installed. It shows I dnt have...
  14. A

    Basic SQL *Plus Programming for newbies

    I am a complete newbie to SQL *Plus programming.Can anyone plz tell me how to learn basic SQL Plus programming commands like creating tables,processing queries etc.I have seen some books but the information there is either too cluttered or so advanced as not suitable for beginners like...
  15. A

    Using SQL Plus only

    I want to use sql *plus for basic learning.But i do not want to install the oracle database client which takes up a lot of hard disc space.Is there any way I can use just the sql plus without the entire oracle database package.Plz HELP:cry::cry::cry:
  16. esumitkumar

    Anybody installed Solaris 10 ??

    Hi I have Mandriva One and Windows XP installed . I want to install Solaris 10 on my laptop to practise SQL and Unix..Can anybody guide me how to delete Mandriva and dual boot windows XP + Solaris 10 ? Does any distribution of Linux comes with pre installed SQL ?
  17. Amir.php

    change table name in sql server 2000

    How i can change name of an existing table in sql server 2000? I mean from 'sql query analyzer', using command. please suggest.
  18. S

    from where i can download sql?

    i m in 12th class (c++)i want to download oracle which supports sql which i can use for the practice tell me the site from where i can download it form?
  19. Anorion

    [Preview + Feedback] January 2009

    Here you go. Merry Xmas, and a very happy new year. Cover Story: How secure are you? Digital Passion The tech that powered evil A lowdown on the technologies used by the terrorists during the 26/11 attack, and how the good guys can fight the usage. Digital rights management DRM...
  20. G

    C# Project Problem Challenge.

    I m prepare the project on the C#.NET 2005 (Framework 2.0) with SQL SERVER 2005.I 'm facing some problems in my old project I hope so try to sort out. The problems are:confused:: 1.I created a windows application project in C#.NET(VS 2005) with framework 2.0 and used SQL SERVER 2005 as back...
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