1. K

    Adware,malware and spyware

    Hi Guys, I have Windows7 and K7 Total Security. After getting internet connection, the connection continues and after sometime, it disconnects itself and then connects itself automatically. This happens very very often. I am sure that the problem is due to ADWARE, MALWARE, SPYWARE AND THE...
  2. G

    about spyware

    Dear friends I am having win7,avg antivirus free edition I was looking resetting software for my cannon printer.while searching i went to some file sharing site and downloaded one zip file of around 132kb.I opened it and inside zip some exe file was there I double clicked to open the file.but...
  3. Desmond

    Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, Mozilla displeased.

    Source : Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry | Ars Technica India, really?
  4. J

    Spyware Terminator 3

    spyware terminator 3 has been released interface is improved but its a crippled version of its premium version:razz: now they don't provide AV in free version :cry:
  5. X

    avoiding virus or spyware

    i set up my old pc to use on the internet. it is very slow but still want some protection programs on it. after installing and uninstalling i kept only two programs avira freeware and peer guardian that runs decently. Are they enough to not get a virus or spyware?
  6. prateek007391

    Free Spyware

    Select which one is the best spyware among the following
  7. V

    Which is the best Anti-Spyware ?

    I need a good Anti-Spyware to use in conjunction with KAV 2009. And, it should also be able to update without any problems. :) So which one should I go for among the list ? Spy Sweeper CounterSpy Spyware Doctor SUPER Anti Spyware Ad-Aware Pro Spybot - Search & Destroy Spyware Terminator...
  8. paroh

    free spyware protection with spybot

    free spyware protection with spybot ~snipped~
  9. A

    Spyware Problem

    I am having a serious Virus and Spyware problem. It is causing a lt of problem and passing my security stuffs. Furthermore it is completely vanished C ad D drive. And modified start menu. I can't acces control panel, run, task manager and many more. Continuously it openes up a page to buy anti...
  10. Manickaraj

    Please help - Internet access denied probably by a spyware attack

    I can browse and download using firefox, opera and utorrent. But I cannot access the internet through IE. It says page cannot be displayed instantly. Same thing happens with GTalk, Yahoo messenger and free download manager. I cannot update my antivirus and antispyware softwares. None of the...
  11. M

    spyware again and again..!

    hi guys...i hv a prob... 3-4 days ago i installed spyware doctor...scanned and found a lot of threats...it cleaned my pc and said that it is now threat free.!! bt since thn everyday whenever i scan my pc with spyware doctor...it always tends to find some threats..i wonder frm whre are thse...
  12. D

    Trouble (sending And Recieving Data)

    GUys got a big problem..........my internet keeps sending data and recieving data.....lol.......scanned with lavasoft ad-awaare PRO (cant tell ya how i got it) but nothin comes up ......nothing wrong with background processes......all are normal ones.......can't use spyware doctor and mcaffee as...
  13. I

    Warning! spyware detected on your computer! Install an antivirus or spyware remover t

    Warning! spyware detected on your computer! Install an antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer. This is in the center of my desktop in a box that is yellow in the upper half, and my background has been changed to solid blue.i can`t login I can login in SAFE mode. I have attached...
  14. ashfahan

    SPYWARE on desktop

    Well I was working on my net suddenly a message pop up that computer is vulnerable to spyware etc. Now a message is written on my Desktop insted of wallpaper... warning spyware threat has been detected on computer Click here to scan for spyware When i click on it a site opens...
  15. ashu888ashu888

    Is NOD32 Smart Security able to block Tracking Cookies ?

    Hey guys, I use NOD32's SMART SECURITY along wiht Lavasoft's AD Aware SE, The Ad Aware is able to detect and block many TRACKING COOKIES (plz see the screenshot below) so is nod32 also able to do this (if i disable my ADaware and just use NOD32) ?? with the Anti Spam and Anti...
  16. bukaida

    Getting this error when opening IE7

    Whenever I am opening IE7, I am getting this message" Your computer is infected with a dangerous virus" (See Screen shot)but no virus or spyware was found after scanning with NOD32 and spysweeper(with latest update). Please help.
  17. Abhishek Dwivedi

    internet probelm

    hi... i have an unusul probm here...am unable to understand what it is...plz help am using bsnl 256kbps UL connectn...but i am unable to open many of the websites like yahoo and forums.digitapoint.com...www.digitalpoint.com opens but not da forum...thinkdigit is opening n forums too... even...
  18. bukaida

    Minimized window not appearing in taskbar

    When I am minimising the window, it is not appearing in the taskbar.Although it is possible to access and switchover among them using alt + tab but I want the normal thing back.I am using XP with SP2. This happens to all the programs like IE, windows explorer, Media player etc. I have NOD32...
  19. saROMan

    Funny Spyware Doctor Update Problem

    Ok So i start Getting The Usual Symptoms that my PC is Infected with Spyware (Unknown Popup's , Slow Browsing, Browser hijacking etc etc )..so I Installed Spyware Doctor...it works like a Charm ...but now i get a Funny Problem ...when Ever i try to Update It I Initially Get This Window... So...
  20. R

    Adware & Spyware

    hey can anybody tell me what is adware & spyware? what they exactly do? it was asked during paper presentation on firewall.
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