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The Smitfraud-C.Toolbar888 was found by Spybot and I have used the Smitfraudfix and Spybot to remove it. However it returns after a while. Please help.. :(


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disable system restore.
run diskcleanup utilty and ccleaner
scedule a boot-time scan of spybot.
shud help
if it dznt use removal tool from *

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However it returns after a while. Please help..

keep the TeaTimer or rather autoprotection of Spybot turned on and scan the system regulerlly...

now why it comes back ??

it is possible that we may have your System Restore Option turned on... therefore it may hide there as while the System Restore option is turned on no security software is allowed to modify it :( therefore Virus of Spyware may hide there...

Disable the System Restore, run a Onloine Scan from Kaspersky or Symantec... it may solve the problem


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i dont have spybot instld right now. but its DEFNTLY there in one of the settings/options in spybot. i dont remember where it is. try to look around. u will have to check the box 'schedule a boot-time scan of spybot'. else i hope some spybot user will help u :)


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Use a more professional software like spy sweeper.much more powerful and removes almost all threats.Get it from--
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