AntiSpywares : The Clones & The Originals.

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adaware, spybot, avg/ewido, winowsdefender/ms antispy/counterspy/giant, spywaredoctor, spysweeper, pestpatrol, are some of the better know anti-spys which most of us know and use.

however there are several more which have their own defination sets...

..AND then there are several such more who officially use the antispy defns/engines of some of the better know ones and just rebrand* them and sell !

here is a small list of such anti-spys :

Yahoo AntiSpy : Norton AntiSpyware
F-Secure Anti-Spyware : Ad-aware
SpyRemover : SpyBot S&D
Norman AntiSpy : Ad-Aware
Spyware Fighter : AVG Anti-Spyware (ewido)
SpyGone : Spybot RIPPOFF; now by Aluria
Steganos AntiSpyware : Webroot Spy Sweeper
AOL Spyware Protection : formerly powered by Aluria; now by Pest Patrol
Comcast Anti-Spyware : powered by Pest Patrol
Earthlink Anti-Spyware : formerly powered by Webroot; now by Aluria
ExactSeek Toolbar : X-Clean Micro scanner
Exterminate AntiSpy : Pest Patrol
SpyStopper : SpyBlocker

More at *

incidentally, a similar scenario exists in the av market too !
for example pc tools av, now zass, aol, etc use the kas av engine/defn sets.


Clones means duplicates or exact replicas of the original. Heard of Human Cloning?

Nice link anand.... good info. :)


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Attack of the clones!

@navjot:the clones may be more intutive however the originals still rule!
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