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Is This Legal In Dataone??

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IF i take 900 home plan and share it with my friend ........will it be legal??

suppose we both log in from our home simultaeneously bandhwith will split

but is it legally allowed???

we will pay 450-450 each by mutual understanding........is it allowed????????

Expert opinion needed..


I don't think its legal.. As far as you are using it from a single PC its alright..BTW, How do you plan to split..??


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Yeah, it's not as simple as just using the same username and password to login. You need the same phone line too because it is linked to your BSNL connection. I bet you hadn't thought this through. It's not so easy to fool the government, mate! :)
u r totally wrong
a diff. user name & pwd can also b used on diff. b-phone lines.
i have tried it & is successful if u wanna give me 1 i will show u.

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this has been discussed before. dataone acc can be used from 2 diff phones.

but nowadays they have adjusted it so that simultaneous use from 2 diff. phone lines is not possible. i can login only if my friend is offline. at least that is my experience.


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Both Home 900 and Home 900 Plus are single user licence, meaning u can't log in more than once with the same id/pwd.

Moreover, BSNL has started binding the id with the telephone number for which it was issued, thereby no log in will be allowed from other numbers.


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Depends on the user agreement.
for eample it is legal to do so over a relience broadband connection which can be shared using switches and hubs.


no dude u cant share the connection.. n if u want 2 then it wud require bsnl's approval n im sure ur not gonna get tat..n hw do u plan 2 share ur connexion cos if suppose u login frm ur place then ur frnd wont b able to login frm his end.. tat means only 1 person @ a time n nw bsnl is gettin betr day by day.. it dosnt allow same id to b logged in @ 2 places simultaneously!!


Two people cannot log in with the same user ID at the same time... It was possible some time back, but not anymore. I have tried it and am sure about it.


Whats the point of the Type III router then? It should be ok to use the connection running on same id and sharing it on your local systems via a switch. Using the same id at two places may not be possible but sharing wod be.


i have wireless router and i often provide acces to my friends laptop using wireless any many others.is this is iilegal thien what is wereles is all about???


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Go to the BSNL site and it will tell you how to configure the router/modem for access from multiple pcs at the same time
It's legal and approved as long as you are connecting through the same phone line
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