1. D

    Graphic Card Fan Not Spinning

    Hello Everyone, From last two weeks I am facing frequent display shuttting down issue. When this happens all the other parts like CPU, Hard Disk, Cabinet Fans keeps on running. I have to shutdown pc for like 10 minutes and than when I start once again it works normally. Any heavy load shuts...
  2. A

    DVD DRive spin Prob

    Hey guys, I have a Compaq presario CQ60-215EE laptop. So whenever I insert a DVD into it(Mostly Digit DVD) the motor starts spinning and then slows down then starts again and repeats the process.Sometimes the motor never even moves . PLZ help ME:lol:
  3. S

    No display after restart

    Hello everybody, Have got struck in a strange situation, have a Wipro laptop which works fine but on restarting or after shutting down and switching on again everything seems to be working i.e. fans are spinning, led indicators glowing hdd spinning etc. but no display. But if kept off for say...
  4. L

    Corsair HX650v2 PSU squeaking noise

    Hi, My Corsair HX650v2 PSU purchased on Dec 25,2012 and i am noticing some squeaking noise in the first week once in a day or two. But yesterday when i was editing photos in Photoshop, PSU is making squeaking sound like every 30 to 40 seconds.. When i saw the PSU fan through the side...
  5. F

    cpu fan error

    my config: i5 2500k, asus p8z68 v, cm 690II adv with side panel..... it just happened now....i worked on my pc at morning for some times nd then went 2 clg...den came back @ noon nd strated on... it showed cpu fan error...i saw through side panel nd fan not spinning....last time it happened...
  6. giprabu

    Is there any after market cooler for PowerColor Radeon HD5770 ??

    My graphics card fan has almost worn out and it doesn't spin at times (one of the blade got bend when a wire got stuck in it when the fan was spinning:().. so the temperature goes upto 90 degrees now.. .. Is there any after market cooler available for it ?? Or is there any way i can fix it...
  7. Sarath

    CPU fan speed is "zero". Problem?

    I just got a message saying that the CPU fan speed has reduced to zero. In easier terms the CPU fan stopped spinning. This happened spontaneously. The PC has been on for many hours now; almost 8hours with intermittent switching to sleep mode. Could it be the cause? I have a i5 2500k on a...
  8. vinayan

    HD 6850 not detected?

    Hi, I assembled a PC for the very first time yesterday..it is starting normally and i have installed Windows 7 Ultimate edition..but it is not recognizing my Sapphire HD6850 card..i can see the card's fan spinning after powering on the system..i used a 6 PIN cable from my psu to connect the...
  9. A

    Laptop getting too hot!!!

    I m using an HP laptop DV4 1133tx having core2duo, 3gb ram, 512mb nvidia 9200gm graphics card and 320gb hdd....my laptop gets heated up too fast....and the fan keeps on spinning at top speed...even if the total CPU usage is below 50...... Just after 30 minutes fan starts spinning at top...
  10. vishalg

    DVD Drive spinning from time to time

    hi guys i am facing a wierd problem with my sony dvd rw dru-v200s the dvd drive automatically spins from time to time, i can hear the drive spinning (the whooz sound that comes when the drive reads a cd) its really irritating i am using windows ultimate 64 bit, recently formatted
  11. savithk

    pc problem

    I having some issues with my PC .well last night PC work fine on morning i shutdown .after some time when i press power button Computer Powers on, but does NOT Boot up...no display....no beep sound..nothing ..The PSU fan is spinning,the CPU fan is spinning, the LED on the motherboard is working...
  12. cute.bandar

    My pyaara PC is giving problems . Help

    This could be long. please bear with me. Yesterday I attempted to switch on my PC , but it didn't start, no bootup. I opened the case , pressed the power button , got no signs of life i.e no fan spinning, no bootup . turning off and on power switch on the PSU, resulted in the fans (cpu and...
  13. H

    Urgent Help... PC Not Starting Up...

    Hi Everyone, I cleaned my CPU today. Then when i put everything back, and fit in all the cables and switched the PC on. It just wont start. All i see is PSU fan spinning for half a second and the processor fan spinning for 2-3 seconds and then stopping. After that if i press the power...
  14. godsownman

    Mysterious Problem

    Hi Guys, I have a Second PC thats really old. Its got a very simple config. Pentium3 600MHz ,20Gb HDD+ 8 GB HDD, 128 MB SDRam, CD writer. With Windows XP SP2. I have two problems with this : Problem 1. Ive been facing a problem with it since a while. Earlier the HDD drives+...
  15. chesss

    Sweet sweet illusion( 56k warning)

    I have seen quite a few optical illusions on the net, and this has to be the best! My mummy thought that I wa pulling her leg. I have excluded the explanation that came with illusion on purpose to make it lil more fun. I'll post the source later. :) If you don't see the illusion.. look...
  16. iMav

    fx5200 fan not spinning

    my gpu - nvidia fx 5200 has developed a problem -the fan has stopped spinning iv cleaned it and all but there seems to be some problem with the fan itself .... does any1 know the contact info of nvidia mumbai i tried the no. given on their site but that doesnt work
  17. smile

    DVD Rom problem???

    I have purchased a new DVD Rom just 1 month agothe problem is whenever i put a dvd or cd it starts making a noise as if a mixer is spinning....Can anyone tell me what is the exact problem:confused:
  18. koolbluez

    An Interactive 360º Light Field Hologram

    Researchers at USC have taken another step towards that holiest of sci-fi dreams: the 3D holographic display. Using a spinning mirror covered with a "holographic diffuser," a special DVI implementation, and a high-speed projector, the team's device can project a three-dimensional image that can...
  19. Z

    help wanted in smackdown vs raw 07

    hi ppl i have this game when i insert cd i get message of accesing memory card.then i get black screen but cd is spinning inside .is it normal or should i buy new one . btw how is smackdown vs raw 06?thanks.
  20. official

    Harddisk making sound

    My Seagate 80 gb sata hard disk is 4 months old.Few days ago i brought one of my friends crashed hard disk and installed it in my system.I removed my hard disk before dong so.Now After removing his one and putting back my hard disk i found that my hard disk started making huge spinning sound as...
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