1. patkim

    AF Drive and WinXP

    It's time for me to replace my old HDD (Desktop Internal SATA). I think most HDDs now are AF (Advanced Format) drives. I am still using & prefer Win XP (SP3) Does anyone know if XP can be installed and works fine on AF HDD? Thanks.
  2. nil_3

    Problem in installing Win XP SP3 from Flash Drive

    Whenever I try to clean install Win XP SP3 from my flash drive, it properly boots but thereafter gives the message: "No previous version of Windows NTcan be found on your computer. Setup cannot verify that you qualify to install this upgrade product. To quit Setup, press F3." There is...
  3. Rockstar11

    What browser is lightest on memory and CPU?

    I’m looking for a browser which is very light on memory & CPU. and has ad blocking feature. To be used for: Opening multiple pages, and have them keep open for a very long time Youtube videos my laptop is compaq. Ms windows XP professional SP3 intel celeron m cpu 420 1.60ghz mobile...
  4. M

    Any means to use Nokia 5230 as a web-cam in a XP SP3 computer to record videos?

    Hello everyone! I have a Nokia 5230 running S60 OS V 51.0.002 I was wondering if I could use it as a web-cam (having capabilities to record videos)in my Windows XP Pro SP3 laptop. Did anyone of you guys ever tried this successfully? Specially the video recording part. I need the video...
  5. RON28

    how to install windows xp sp3 on windows 7?

    i have a legit copy of windows 7 installed...but i also want to install windows xp sp3 on it...my friend gave me xp sp3 on a pen drive...but when i doubled clicked on exe file...a medium sized window appeared where there was a option to install WINDOWS XP...but it was grayed out...any one knows...
  6. aaruni

    BSOD & crashes in XP running in bootcamp

    hey guys, i own a macbook 5.1, and in the bootcamp partition of 20GB i have installed windows xp sp2 upgraded to sp3. lately i have been experiencing the blue screen of death, mostly when i play call of duty 4, but otherwise also. and the CHKDSK took me about 3 and a half hours. if anybody knows...
  7. S

    Trouble while Turn off

    hi I am sai from vizag .what really troubling me was when i complete my stuff in my desktop/PC and try to turn off it restarts .The ways i tried to shut down and got the same result are: 1.alt+F4-shut down 2.start-shutdowm 3.alt+ctrl+del-shutdown these ways never worked out for me and again...
  8. J

    500gb seagate usb partition problem in windows xp sp3

    500gb seagate usb partition problem in windows xp sp3 my first partition is 10000mb second one is 20000mb and third is remaining 1st partition is active partition other is extended partition my second partition convert in raw format and when i double click on it it asked for format...
  9. sushan

    Create windows xp sp3 bootable in dvd

    HI, i have downloaded iso of windows xp sp3 from microsoft and now am being confused to make a bootable xp sp3 dvd using ultraiso (sugg regd if any applications other than this). Please favour me on the step by step. Cheers
  10. NitrousNavneet

    Sp3 xp

    How can i convert Sp2 into Sp3 in my xp ?
  11. E

    XP SP3 with AHCI Support

    Hello All, I have a Dell XPS Laptop which came with Windows 7 64 Bit System. some of my professional work only on 32 bit Xp and 64 bit versions are not available, as such i was in great trouble. ACHI support drivers are not available with XP and microsoft has no plans for this support.As such i...
  12. justme101

    cant use recovery console in xp sp3

    :x my computer keeps rebooting...i shows the xp loading screen and then the blue screen(BSOD) just flashes and it restarts again. i browsed around to find a solution and most of them used the recovery console from the xp setup disc. Now i m using xp sp3, so i put the disc in ,boot from it...
  13. R2K

    How to uninstall windows messenger 4.7 from windows XP SP3

    I have a windows Xp Sp3 based system at my work place. Due to some odd reason the Windows messenger 4.7 which was already included with windows shows up everytime when the system boot. As i don't use it i want to remove it from the system. I tried to disable it from startup program entries but...
  14. J

    Virus problem

    I suspect my laptop is infected by virus and the anti-virus has also been made corrupt by it, my question is - now how can I clean my laptop (don't want to format and reinstall OS) and reinstall the antivirus. OS - WINDOWS HOME SP3
  15. bajaj151

    Sharing files + Printer between Win 7 and Win XP?

    I want to share files + Printer between 2 desktop Computers (searched google...found no working solution) 1) PC 1 --> Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit 2) PC 2 --> Win XP SP3 32 bit Available : Lan cards on both pcs + CrossOver Cable
  16. quan chi

    How to chage the letter of the partition.

    hi guys. i have two partitions one amongst them is "local disk (F: )" i want to rename it as local disk (E: ) can anyone please help me how to do it.i have partition manager. windows xp sp3
  17. vineetrok

    ms office 2010

    I have windows XP sp3 and windows 7 installed (DUALBOOT).... I have ms office 2010 installed in windows xp SP3.... but i want to use it in windows 7 without installing again. I've been using mozilla firefox and Jcreator this way.... but when i open WINWORD.EXE from windows 7 it gives "not...
  18. E

    ultimate boot cd

    Can i use a ultimate boot cd created using windows xp sp2 in pc installed with windows xp sp3 or any other operating system?
  19. Neuron

    Problem with msvcrt.dll in windows xp.

    Hi,I'm getting the following error message while starting certain applications(like firefox,safari,hellgate london...) in windows xp sp3. "The procedure entry point_except_handler4_common could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll" This started happening after a virus...
  20. rohitshubham

    Computer Not hibernating

    help me my computer is not hibernating ....... i am running win XP sp3. from past 4-5 days , i am not able to put my computer in to hibernate mode. whenever i click hibernate button, the logoff screen shows"preparing to hibernate. but after few seconds desktop comes back again... i am running...
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