1. A

    PC shuting down even with a good psu 750W. Phew!

    I recently assembled a new PC. But PC shuts down randomly esp. when I do multitasking. I have also checked my CPU temp and M/B temp. It is normal. I don't know how to solve this. Please help. The following is my pc configuration: 4 GB ram DDR3-1333 64 bit OS i5-333CPU@3 GHz ASROCK B75 M HD...
  2. vedula.k95

    Dlink Google not showing up Problem[Solved]

    hey guys today i encountered a problem with my dlink modem google didnt showed up so how to solve the problem? If you are using bsnl broadband then set the value to 1500
  3. sandyss

    Galaxy win issues!

    I bought a new galaxy grand quattro(win). But when i copied some videos which are 1080p or 720p the phone :-x!!! What is going on here?How can i solve the problem? PLEASE HELP?
  4. The Conqueror

    Solving a Rubik's Cube

    Any good educational resources where I can learn how to "Solve" a Rubik's Cube?? 3x3
  5. G

    critical cpu temeprature while playing games ..

    my pc configuration is - Motherboard - intel dh67bl Processor - intel core i5 2500k 3.3 ghz corsair cx 500 v2 psu corsair vengeance 4gb x 2 sticks of ram corsair gt120 gb ssd seagate barcuda hdd 512 gb 7200 rpm NZXT phantom atx cabinet zotac geforce gtx 660ti when i play battlefield...
  6. S

    windows 8 as dual boot......

    i wanna try final version of windows 8,but i want it as secondary os in my portable hard disk,i have windows 7 installed in my laptop, is there any way to solve my queries????
  7. kool

    ►► Long SMS more than 160 charcters fails to send in MMX A100. Guys, how to solve that?

    Hi guys... I'm facing two major problem in Micromax A100 1) If i sent more than 160+ character sms, it always fails with exclamation marks. My frnds receive only broken sms or half. How to solve that? :twisted: 2) Recorded image/vids are inverted always transferring to PC. During clicking...
  8. P

    Karbonn A18 mobile

    I just bought Karbonn A18 mobile 4 days back. When I tried to take snaps, I am getting a message that "Camera cannot be opened". What is the reason for this and how to solve this problem?
  9. IronCruz

    Help me solve this puzzle!

    Relate these images to a personality
  10. Allu Azad

    Does this mean I have Hardware Conflicts ?

    System information ( msinfo32.exe ) shows this in the conflicts tab . Does this mean i have hardware conflicts ? If yes how to solve this ?
  11. D

    HP Pavilion 3050Tx Power Issues

    hi guys i am having a HP dv6 3050tx ... I have been facing this problem for the past 5 months. The gaming rig was not able to provide the FPS it usually did .I used to get around 60 but it drastically got lowered to 25 . I checked everything i knew . i reinstalled and updated all the drivers of...
  12. A

    Can someone solve this riddle

    Hint: Rub my back as you watch over my shoulders
  13. comp@ddict

    Solve for X: Google’s TED to Solve Global Problems?

    A couple of months ago, Google quietly launched a new platform whose thoughts quickly faded from everyone’s mind. In fact, few people even know about it’s existence. Enter, Solve for X. This platform can be very well called Google’s attempt at a TED. Solve for X is a place to hear and discuss...
  14. Adibaba

    X8 Rooting

    i hav a sony ericson X8 and it is very slow at times and hangs regularly. Would rooting it solve the problem? and how do i root it
  15. Niilesh

    [urgent]help me solve class X physics questions

    Hey Can someone solve these question and explain it? I want the answer before 25th(till 24th) I didn't even understand this- A maths one(this one seems impossible) 81. The area of quadrilateral ABCD whose sides are 9 m, 40 m, 28 m and 15 m is (A) 300 m2 (B) 306 m2 (C) 296 m2 (D) none...
  16. S

    Sql program

    There r two table ..... Person(pid,name,city) parent(parentid,childid) both parentid and childid are foreign key refering to 1. Find the name of gradparents of all people whose city name is kolkata. 2. Find the name of all people who lived in the same city as their father...
  17. G

    How to give mobile network complaint effectively and get it solved

    This topic is about how to solve mobile network grievances in effectively for various operators. We encounter many problems like VAS activations, GPRS issues,network issues , Billing issue.etc.First get to know about the technology. Initial complaint ------------------ First start with any...
  18. A

    getting redirected on firefox.

    Many times when i click on a link i get redirected to sites like and IS it a virus . i have norton 2011 and it doesnt show any problem how do i solve it?
  19. V

    hpconnectionmanager.exe error on startup

    I see this everytime I startup. This is the error: image host Do let me know if any of you'll have seen this before and if what you did t solve it.
  20. akashv

    Xperia mini pro

    Hey all, my cousin recently bought a sony ericsson xperia mini pro sk 17 from univercell chennai 3 weeks ago.. This phone had the static noise problem when video was recorded in hd and also during a call.. So what should we do in order to solve this problem...can the sony service center solve...
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