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  1. sam_738844

    GTX 990Ti and AMD 395X2 Revealed. Benchmarks and reviews.

    We’ve anticipated this launch for many months now and they’re finally here. The fastest graphics cards to ever come out of Silicon Valley. Both featuring two massive GPU cores and elaborate cooling solutions to ensure that everything is operating under the appropriate thermal limits once you...
  2. anon232

    Web Hosting Solutions

    I'm creating an android app which will feed the users data from a MYSQL database via a REST service. Can you guys provide a economical web hosting solutions for my needs?
  3. C

    UPS suggestion.....

    I wasn't sure where to post this... so I'm posting here.... First my configuration...... i5 2310 gtx 660 2x 4gb gtx 660 corsair cx430m Samsung 19" LCD...... stereo speakers, normal k&m, Xbox controller the connection's like this..... pc>ups(old, powercom)>socket>inverter Now...
  4. Chetan1991

    What's up with linux package systems?

    Why can't they be more like windows setup files? The concept of modularity seems to have been taken too seriously. The self containing nature of windows setups is very appealing esp. in a country like ours where not everyone has access to high speed 24*7 reliable internet connection. Isn't...
  5. B

    Network Solutions

    Network Solutions Rs 51 domain How is Network solutions hosting? I am getting a domain from them at Rs 50 but never used them in the past! Any suggestions? You can get domain from here Domain for only Rs 51 @ NetworkSolutions (One per account)
  6. P

    hi need immediete help

    Hi, i am Aryan frm siliguri .I have some queries on softwares, If i have bought a new pc and want to have the softwares like windows,ms-office,adobe, etc then should i have to buy them original cause then i have to spend a huge amount of bucks ,plz suggest me alternative solutions ,like what...
  7. A

    What happened to the forum width ?

    I'm facing this problem while browsing through the forum.. the width has become smaller.. :( Any solutions?
  8. aaruni

    Download songs from in.com

    Hey Guys, I want to download old songs from in.com. Anybody have any solutions?
  9. P

    graphic issues with Asus-K53SD

    hey guys, i just purchased Asus K35SD Core i3 2gb Nvidia 610m 4Gb RAM i just installed OS windows 7 in it all the drivers are installed correctly now frankly speaking i have researched all over the net but i could find the solutions issue one: a freshly installed OS is laggy...
  10. SunnyGamingHD2

    Google Chrome Access Restricted Help!!

    Does anyone else getting this ,any solutions for this?
  11. V

    bsnl penta T-pad is701r boot problem

    I recieved my bsnl tab a week back it was working properly till i thought to restart it. Now the tab gets hang on the boot screen itself!:evil: From the pantel support i got the below instructions https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1ecPgcLz140VXg3RDdJY2QyR0k But in iuw utility file it is...
  12. somulesnar

    Nvidia and AMD Sued Over Power Management in Chips

    AMD as well as Nvidia are being sued by Power Management Solutions over one of the most basic power management functions in integrated circuits used today. Source- TOM'S HARDWARE.
  13. utkarsh73

    FBI shutdown of rogue DNS servers may affect your Internet connections

    Source: FAQ : DNSChanger Trojan, Impact and Solutions | The Hacker News (THN) Is it true? I read it in newspaper too!!!!!!!
  14. tejjammy

    Using multiple internet connections

    I have MTNL wired broadband and Tata Photon Plus EVDO datacard. I wanted to know if there is a method of utilizing both the internet connections together. That is for example if i download any file, can i utilise both the connections together (and thus get higher speed)? Normally when both...
  15. pra85

    website domain and hosting

    i am thinking of launching a website so there are some points that i want to clarify -where do i buy the ".in" domain from -where so i host my website my website will be only India oriented so i have heard people saying that it should be hosted where it is being used the most.Is this...
  16. K

    Sensible 5

    Straight to the point. Name 5 persons who offer sensible answers and solutions. (On TDF ofcourse)
  17. M

    Complete Software Services

    Good Computer Software deals with Complete Software Services & advanced technologies. Here you find advance software development solutions & technologies.Join Software Solution Companies- Advance Software Development Technologies for latest software solutions.
  18. T

    No audio on Windows 7

    Recently switched to windows 7 from xp, everything is working fine but there is no audio, i have tried almost every solutions available on net but to no avail. Please suggest some solution to solve it
  19. Pragadheesh

    problem while sytem turns on

    Hi, When i turn on my system running on Windows XP, after the windows loading screen, a black screen comes and gets stucks there and my User accounts screen doesn't come even after waiting for more than 15mins. i have to restart a dozen times to get rid of it. what would be the problem...
  20. bhutanesedude

    Downgrade Windows Vista to Windows XP (Research Program) Need Help

    Geek out there. Please help me to find a right solution on measures to downgrade Windows Vista to Windows XP. I tried searching as much as possible but it all suggests the same solutions which does not makes my assignment upto satisfactory. I would be very obliged if you all could give me some...
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