Using multiple internet connections


I have MTNL wired broadband and Tata Photon Plus EVDO datacard. I wanted to know if there is a method of utilizing both the internet connections together.
That is for example if i download any file, can i utilise both the connections together (and thus get higher speed)?
Normally when both are connected, the OS randomly utilises any one automatically.
Solutions working either for Windows7, WinXP and/or Ubuntu will be better.
Any difficulty level and working on terminal is ok.:grin:

Thanks in advance


There was an exact same query a few weeks back and it was solved. So your answer already lies in the forum. Search the "networking" and "Internet" threads.


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Couldn't you just increase the plan of one connection, instead of paying two operator's! :S
I am guessing you need fail safe mechanism for your connection.

Also, I think you can't utilize bandwidth from BOTH the connections, on a SINGLE file download, since a single file can tunnel from just a single operator.
But, it may be possible, to utilize bandwidth of separate connections to separate files.
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