1. T

    Negative Experience Snapdeal Fraud- Feels like I m cheated

    Hello , I ordered a panasonic 32inch full hd led for 17490 on 18th september as i ordered it on my fathers kolkata office address.. it got delivered on 29th sept via vulcanexpress courier and when my father opened the package the tv was damaged. So i called snapdeal cc after several times...
  2. A

    promo code for snapdeal

    Which is the best e_voucher website which offers the latest promo code for snapdeal? Then what are the discounts and offers applicable for that offer coupons?
  3. vedula.k95

    General Query Invoice for g300s.

    Hello Forum, last year I bought a Logitech G300s gaming mouse from Snapdeal and now it seems like the mouse is disconnecting frequently.As the product page says the mouse is in a 3 years Warranty,but the problem is that I have ordered the mouse without a Snapdeal account and I didn't got any...
  4. Chetan1991

    General Query Which are the best sites to find deals online?

    Which sites do you use to find best deals online? I use desidime, which has good deals, especially if you search the forums, but lately haven't been able to find deals for products I want to buy.
  5. S

    My Chrome Extension for Price Comparison on Flipkart, Amazon , Snapdeal

    Most of us are buying items online and are always looking for the best deals, but most of the time we end up paying more as most of the time item I am buying on Flipkart might be available at lower price on Amazon or SnapDeal. It's time consuming to check all popular web sites to compare...
  6. bhushan2k

    PC components upgrade for 25k

    one of my friend wants to upgrade is pc... need processor + motherboard + ram + power supply 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications...
  7. mikael_schiffer

    Please look into this 70K Gaming + Productivity build. Advice on ideal prices

    Hey Guys.. I built this system from Amazon. The total price comes to Rs 70,000 Will i get for cheaper if i buy from local stores in New Delhi I am in Mizoram so everything is expensive here, so i have to either order it online or make a visit to New Delhi to buy these So kindly tell me how...
  8. R

    Toshiba 32P2305 vs Toshiba 32P2400

    Was planning to buy a 32 inch LED TV. Went to some stores and decided on Toshiba 32P2400. But one thing which bothered me in it was the lack of sufficient ports. Just 1 USB and 1 HDMI port, with no audio out as well. I wasn't really happy and continued my research for a better one. Then I...
  9. funskar

    Don't blame India if you can't hire good engineers - Sachin Bansal to Snapdeal

    "Dont blame India for your failure to hire great engineers. They join for culture and challenge," said the tweet from Flipkart's Bansal, who has nearly 22,000 followers. Paytm's Sharma who tweeted with a link to Bansal's post added his 140 characters with "India has engineers, architects and all...
  10. masterkd

    Query on purchasing Lenovo G50-45 80E300RGIN from Snapdeal

    My brother needs a laptop as soon as possible and his budget is Rs. 30000. I found this perfect model Lenovo G50-45 80E300RGIN which suits his needs and budget. Sadly this is out of stock in Flipkart. I have purchased laptops from Flipkart before and feels safe about it. However I have never...
  11. saswat23

    Snapdeal buys mobile recharge platform Freecharge

    Source: Snapdeal buys Freecharge in biggest startup M&A - The Economic Times Snapdeal acquires FreeCharge | Business Line Snapdeal pays up for a Freecharge! | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis I think soon we will see only three major players exist in the online market...
  12. C

    buying lenovo y50 from snapdeal a good idea?(urgent)

    I was looking for a gaming laptop and I think y50 is the best I can get with a budget of Rs. 70k.But I am skeptical about buying from snapdeal.Heard a lot of complaints about their service. What I wanted to know is will lenovo provide me warranty if I buy the laptop from snapdeal?Also what are...
  13. A

    Negative Experience Unclear Policies and Non Reliabls

    I have bought a number of item from Snapdeal. This time however I choose to order the Dell Venue Tablet as there was a 7 days return/exchange option available (order 4210362417). The shipping was good and on time. I started using the tablet. It was a 3g tablet so I went and got a 3g data sim...
  14. adityak469

    Positive Experience Bought a Bajaj Flashy Heater

    So once again snapdeal lives unto my expectations. Ordered a hearer from a 5 star seller on snapdeal, it was shipped in 2 days and took another 2 to reach me. It was packedquite good enough and no damage was done to it. Inside the warranty card was all signed. The heater works flawlessly and...
  15. A

    Negative Experience Non-existent deliver, sales support or quality control.

    Buy from WS Retail and Amazon fulfilled products and avoid snapdeal and you will enjoy online shopping. Exactly my mantra!! Snapdeal is a big fraud! No quality control or logistics of any kind. I have had many bad experiences. I fell for them because of discounts :( ** Bad Experience in...
  16. gohan89

    General Query Want opinion about buying refrigerator from Snapdeal...

    I want to buy a Samsung Frost Free Refrigerator from Snapdeal.I have never bought such a large appliance online.I found the price to be low.So I want to know is it safe and am I eligible for warranty if I buy from snapdeal.I live in Kolkata and please let me know who have bought such large...
  17. angie

    Negative Experience Buying from Snapdeal? Don't trust the reviews.

    I bought a levis jeans from order id: 3744701931 Date: 28th , November 2014 Due to various reasons I was not able to open it before the 7 day return period (I wasn't aware of this, I mostly shopped from myntra before so was habitual with 30 day returns). When I opened it later...
  18. sumit05

    Snapdeal delivers pieces of wood

    Man orders iPhones, Snapdeal delivers pieces of wood - The Times of India
  19. A

    General Query Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF) on Snapdeal

    Hello All, have you heard about GOSF on Snapdeal. I think everyone knows about this upcoming days of this shopping festival on Snapdeal. And I hope it gives benefits to the customers. Keep browsing for the exciting offers
  20. L

    Suggest a smartphone please!!!!

    Heyy guyz.. suggest me a phone. I don't want to spend more than 8K. Current Phone: A500s Xolo. Why an upgrade? >> Well well, Now I'm bored with my phone. Although, I love it the way it is. I want more... 1. RAM >=1GB(want to play games like Asphalt 8) 2. Internal storage >= 8GB. I...
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