My Chrome Extension for Price Comparison on Flipkart, Amazon , Snapdeal


Broken In
Most of us are buying items online and are always looking for the best deals, but most of the time we end up paying more

as most of the time item I am buying on Flipkart might be available at lower price on Amazon or SnapDeal. It's time

consuming to check all popular web sites to compare the price. This extension automate the task and from the same

flipkart page it show me the item's price as on Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, etc. This is really helpful in saving a few

bucks on every purchase.

The best part is this extension is targeting Indian web sites only.

Check the Chrome Extention: DesiDeals


Wise Old Owl
Are you using API or page scraping? It will be kind of useless anyway since all websites do not use consistent accurate data.


Broken In
I know web site are not consistent and keep on changing layout. Try it once. TO me results looks fine , better then other alternative extension like buyhatke.

But I might be biased for my own extension. Try it yourself, its safe and require very limited permissions . You can always disable and uninstall the extension if you don't like it.


Cyborg Agent
Buyhatke's extension is also useful
And it is also target for Indian websites
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