Negative Experience Unclear Policies and Non Reliabls


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I have bought a number of item from Snapdeal. This time however I choose to order the Dell Venue Tablet as there was a 7 days return/exchange option available (order 4210362417). The shipping was good and on time. I started using the tablet. It was a 3g tablet so I went and got a 3g data sim from airtel. I got the sim and checked, but to my disappointment the sim was not detected by the tablet. I thought it may be a sim issue so I tried the sim on my data card and my other Lenevo tab. It worked fine. I got another sim from my friend to check and the same issue. Sim was not detected. Clearly it was a defective piece. I contacted snapdeal as item was replaceable/returnable in 7 days. However they gave me a weird explanation. They said I need to go to the Dell service center with 7 days of purchase and get a DOA letter from them. Once I receive that I can claim a return from snapdeal. I went to Dell and the response/reacting was interesting.

Response 1- Why did you buy it from Snapdeal, I don't think aap ko warranty milegi.

Thankfully they were ok after checking the service tag as per which it is a 3 month old product.

Response 2- Why on earth will we give you a DOA letter. Whatever may be the defect we will change the part if required. We will never give a DOA letter.

Nice snapdeal. Made a fool of me with your easy return option.

Snapdeal is good for cheap items only. Don't bother buying costly stuff from them. They are NOT reliable. Flipkart and Amazon are far better. Even the Ebay paisapay protect scheme is simple and clear.


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Yes, they could have replaced but you have Dell warranty, I mean you are getting your tablet fixed otherwise.
But, definitely unreliable policy !


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We rarely suggest anyone to buy from Snapdeal. There are very few positive feedback form the SD purchases when compared to Fk or Amazon.


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Well, I have also purchased lots of big stuff from SD, they are not fast as FK but still all my purchases from SD goes as positive experience.
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