Don't blame India if you can't hire good engineers - Sachin Bansal to Snapdeal


"Dont blame India for your failure to hire great engineers. They join for culture and challenge," said the tweet from Flipkart's Bansal, who has nearly 22,000 followers. Paytm's Sharma who tweeted with a link to Bansal's post added his 140 characters with "India has engineers, architects and all you need. People seek purpose and mission to give their life to." Sharma has 12,500 followers including Snapdeal co-founder Kunal Bahl.

Don't blame India if you can't hire good engineers, Flipkart's Sachin Bansal tells Snapdeal - The Economic Times


Right off the assembly line
Well some righteously said,
it’s the People not the product that makes a company
. Though it is totally possible that what you wished something may not be here at the moment but don’t blame it on Indian Engineers. We are born to do anything, learn everything.
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