Get back ur lost phone!

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Looks fake. We require a written complaint to the police for reporting. And if you want to block your phone number or trace it from your cell company we need to produce a copy of the FIR. Also the emailID domain is of VSNL, AFAIK VSNL is non governement and is taken over by Tata or some other company.


just google search IEMI number i dont know what it is

but i know hwat is IMEI number is

it is International Mobile Equipment Identity

every mobile has unique IMEI number !!!


well the cops here..demand money for even an driver had to pay 50 INR for the police wala's dava daru to get an fir copy


well actually we can trace a phone with help of its IMEI number
if TRAI (right ?) could help us ...

The idea is actually submit ur lost phones IMEI to a site which is TRAI's and has command over all the Mobile networks and when a new Sim is inserted in to the Stolen mobile the sim detects the IMEI number of the mobile and sends it back to the TRAI office then from there we can track it and chase it. This wud be actually help full and non-critical
:::this is just my idea dunno if it is in progress or whatever:::

and doesnt VSNL = videsh sanchar nigam limited a govt company ??
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