1. N

    Are LED tv's safe to connect laptop or pc ?

    I connected my dell xps to samsung 5 series led tv for playing games via hdmi. After few weeks of time, my TV screen went blank though sound is there. I called up samsung call center and they sent out a rep and he said the led screen/panel is gone and have to be replaced which will cost around...
  2. S

    LED TV under Rs 45k?

    I want to buy an LED TV under Rs 45K. My selection criteria: 1. after sales service should be good 2. picture quality good. 3. Bigger the size of tv, the better. 4. I don't wan't 3D or Smart tv. Can someone please suggest the best choice I should go for? Would really appreciate an early response.
  3. K

    smart phone under 10k

    i want to buy a smart phone under 10k. i want to play games,watch movies and need a good camera... please help me choose. is Lumia 520 good or should i go for and android. please suggest a durable brand...
  4. Professor X

    Best 40-42" 1080p LED TV

    Which one is the best 40-42" LED TV in the market and why? 1. Samsung UA40F5000ARMXL 2. LG 42LN5400 3. Sony KLV-40R452A I don't want 3D or smart TV with apps and Wi-Fi like hype features. It should have the best video as well as audio quality.
  5. R

    Best 32 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

    Which brand has the Best 32 inch FULL HD LED TV ? I have narrowed down the following two choices: 1. Samsung 32F5500 2. Sony 32W670a Both the above models are Smart TV, with built in WIFI. I have a few queries, regarding the above 2 models.. 1. Which one provides better Smart features...
  6. J

    Looking for a Smart Watch

    Hi I want to buy a smart watch. My budget is rupees 7000. My phone is galaxy s3 intenational varient. Please tell me the best suited smart watch that offers most features within this price range.
  7. Revolution

    Kolkata MetroRail Student Smart Card Eligibility ?

    Hi, Please help the nub! What is the eligibility for Kolkata MetroRail Student Smart Card ? How to apply it ? Is it only applicable school student ? Or student from Govt Diploma College can also get that benefit ? Sorry,could not find any info railway site. And u all know how helpful are railway...
  8. K

    Suggestion for HTPC over a smart TV and configuration

    HI TDF, Thank to your guidance i had successfully made my first desktop PC. I have to Buy a TV probably 32 inch. But instead of buying a smart TV i am thinking of buying a Normal TV which will save me approx 10000 rs. And i want to add a HTPC with the TV to enjoy smart TV features like watching...
  9. TheMost

    Need a 46 inch 3D LED TV [100-150 K]

    Need a 42/46 inch 3D LED TV [100-150 K] Hello people.I have just settled with my new home and am searching for an Awesome 46 inch 3D LED TV for my hall. This is one time investment of anything 100-150K. I am planning to hook my gaming PC and make this HD TV as monitor. Viewing distance is...
  10. M

    Sony Xperia M vs Samsung Galaxy Core?

    hi folks, confusion between Xperia M & Galaxy Core,which one is good to buy? or tell me other options. i want android smart phone below 15k..??
  11. true_lies

    LED TV: Smart or not

    Will be buying a 40-42" LED TV in the near future (2-3 months)for home entertainment (Sports & Movies, 2.1 or 5.1 ch set-up and no 3-D). Got a few of query. 1. Should I go for LG, Samsung or Sony? Used a 55" 3-D Smart LED TV a my brother's house in Canada (damn they are cheap there:-o), liked...
  12. V

    Problem with my htc smart

    Hey friends, my htc smart was not working properly so i thought to flash the updated rom. So i tried one of the method and powered off the phone. then when i restarted while holding down the volume key then it showed HTC SMART Boot v1.0.00.1 and then hangs. Please help me.
  13. S

    Confusion setting up 5.1 setup for LG Smart TV (HDMI-ARC or Optical Out) ?

    Hi Everybody, The TV model is LG smart TV LS5700. The picture quality is awesome, only problem is that the audio is not very good. So i was planning to buy a 5.1 setup. But later I found out that 5.1 is possible in two ways, one is through Optical out and the Other through HDMI out(ARC) in...
  14. S

    Help required in setting up 5.1 sytem for LG LED SMART TV

    The TV model is LG smart TV LS5700. The picture quality is awesome, only problem is audio is not very good. So i was planning to buy a 5.1 setup. But later I found out that 5.1 is possible in two ways, one is through Optical out and the Other through HDMI out(ARC) in TV. My only doubts are...
  15. A

    Best smart phone within 10k

    Need to buy a smartphone within 10k. Please suggest some.
  16. makwanamilan96

    Micromax introduces Smart Stick

    This converts the LED TV into smart TV it is connected to HDMI port OF TV.. now i am little bit confused about The product. they says you can connect keyboard,mouse and USB dongle with it. so to use internet we need to connect keyboard and dongle as well so how to connect with Stick >>...
  17. W

    Portable Speaker suggestion :)

    Hi friends, My dad has an MP3 Player of Sony and also a smart phone with full of songs. I would like to give him a good portable speaker so that he doesn't need to use the ear phones all the time! 8-) Previously gave him an X-mini Capsule Speaker worth less than 1000 quite some time ago...
  18. powerhoney

    Smart case for iPad Mini???

    I was thinking about getting a smart case/cover for the iPad Mini since my Funbook finally gave in to my atrocious using habits!!!:stirpot: So, I was thinking about this case: Black Original Apple Ipad Mini Maganetic Smart Cover Case Wake And Sleep Feature | eBay Is this thing original??? I...
  19. I

    Need HELP - Buying HDMI Cable

    Budget:- Below 1k T.V :- Experience the Smartest 3D TV LG 55LM6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV, LED LCD TV - Full HD 1080p Cinema 3D Smart TV - LG Electronics IN Wanna connect it to T.V via laptop or PC. Ethernet Support:- Only if it fits in my price. Length:- Min. 3Mtr Should be HDMI 1.4v
  20. $ingh

    ESET Smart Security 6 Launched in India

    ESET, the leader in proactive protection against digital threats, announced release of 6th version of its consumer products ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security along with exciting "1+1" offer on retail products. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 will provide Indian consumers with even faster...
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