1. V

    2.1 speakers for samsung smart tv

    Dear all Need suggestion in choosing 2.1 speakers for Samsung smart TV up to 2.5k. thanks in advance
  2. shaurya.malik88

    LG announces a 27" personal Smart TV.

    Lg has announced a 27" personal smart tv which would have all the features a Smart Tv has. It would be a Full HD ips dispaly and have 3d capabilities as well. the smart features in it would allow you to browse the internet and get connected with facebook and other social networking sites as...
  3. M

    32 inches tv help

    hi guys i want to buy new LED TV i got arround 40k to spend on it can adjust +5k if needed Which one is best buy my requirement is full hd really amazing colors ips like viewing angles 3d not necessary lan smart tv- internet youtube , main mkv and avi playable usb support please...
  4. sam_738844

    Suggestios> External/Portable HDD needed : 1TB

    Suggestios> External/Portable HDD needed : 1TB Guys, I need Price, comparison, RMA and othere necessary info about a 1TB portable/external HDD i'll buy in mid march. Since i'll be buying it from Indonesia, it will take me time to survey market price here. I'll be using it for mass...
  5. J

    Embrace + - Smart bracelet for ur android phone( Get notifications on wrist)

    Hello Everyone. Meet Embrace+ - A smart wristband for ur Android phone or Iphone. It blinks in different colors and vibrates wen u get a notification (call, message, email etc). This is a kickstarter project which ends on March 23 2013. Here is the link - Embrace+
  6. shaurya.malik88

    LG acquires webOS from HP to use in their smart tv's.

    Lg had made an agreement with HP to use HP's webOS into their LG's smart tv's. LG will get the source code. ssociated documentation, engineering talent and related websites associated with webOS. Check out this link to get more info on the agreement between these two brands LG acquires webOS...
  7. sumit_anand

    Deezer music services coming to Smart tv's!

    The craze of smart tv has made every streaming services provider to mark their reach in the smart tv's. Now Deezer, one of the major digital tunes provider is making it's reach with LG Smart tv's and it's expected to come to other televisions sooner or later.
  8. saz

    Smart phone within 15k range (8GB internal memory atleast)

    Hi, I am looking for a smart phone (preferably android) with Dual Core processor, Decent Graphics and atleast 8 GB internal memory. I just saw Optimus L9 in HS18 which is around 15k after applying the gift coupon. But it has 4 GB internal memory (don't know how much is usable). Thanks!
  9. H

    Suggest 40Inch or more Full HD LED Smart Tv..

    Looking to buy a 40inch + smart Tv so need your help over here... -Good picture and sound (Ofc) -Should be able to play well known video formats from my pc(mostly mkv) -Little bit of Internet -Should have refresh rate of 100hz -Budget is max 60-65k and would prefer higher size if possible...
  10. S

    smart phones vs digi cams

    is some smart phones offer better image quality than basic point and shoot??
  11. HellFragger

    [For Sale] Apple iPad (3rd Gen) 32GB (White) WiFi+Cellular with Dock and Smart Cover Case

    SOLD ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Apple iPad (3rd Gen, with Retina Display) 32GB White - WiFi+Cellular with Apple Dock and Full Body Smart Cover Case(unused) | URL for 3rd generation iPad w/ Retina Display is now updated for 4th Gen | Expected Price: Rs 27,500/- (shipping...
  12. U

    Voice Control Feature - Smartphones vs Smart TV

    "I am sure that most of us have come across voice recognition feature in some form or another. The voice control feature is becoming standard on a lot of so called Smart devices - especially Smartphones. With some brands - they even tout it as one of the key features - for example, most iPhone...
  13. B

    Query on smart card driving licence.Need help from anyone in bangalore.

    I took my driving licence from bangalore 6 yrs back.I left bangalore sometime after that.Recently only I came across the news that smart card driving licence has been introduced in karnataka in the year 2009 and all DL holders have to switch to smart cards within 2 years(i.e.2011).But I have not...
  14. S

    smart phone under Rs-13000

    ​Hello guys, I want to buy a smart phone between 10000 to 13000 for my sister.screen-3.5" or higher,enough internal memory.prefer-front camera. I made a list.1)LG L5. 2)Xperia miro 3)xperia neo-L...
  15. T

    Best smart TV below 50k - suggestions needed

    Guys, i am planning to purchase a smart TV (wifi connectivity, android/apps.., browsing etc.,)> 32'' full HD. could you suggest me a couple of models to start with? -KP
  16. S

    lg 32ls5700 tv

    i want by a lg smart tv, model no. 32ls5700. kindly make a review of this model. I want to buy a full hd led smart tv priced around Rs 45000. Kindly sugest other models also.
  17. B

    Tipo or Tipo dual

    Guys . . I am looking to buy a smart android mobile in the range strictly<12000 . I decided to buy Sony Xperia Tipo . But now the confusion is whether to buy Tipo or Tipo Dual . Dual sim mobile is very useful for me . But what I heard is normally dual sim mobiles's performance will be low...
  18. manistar

    Best 40-46inch LED SMART TV

    Hi I am looking to buy TV size:40-46 inch type: Slim LED/wall mountable/narrow bezel will be added advantage should be smart tv I don't need 3D tv right now. Also can you suggest good place to buy TV in chennai (Better price)
  19. W

    Questions about Vodafone Smart phone Questions[Rs. 3100]

    Hi Guys, My girlfriend just bought a Micromax Ninja 3 which is an awesome phone and its like I am now wanting/dying to buy a smart phone for myself. I currently use a Nokia C2-03 which is a piece of ****. So i search the internet and this Vodafone Smart strikes my curiosity. I have a few things...
  20. amjath

    Existing BSNL Broadband multiple connection query

    Hi I have a UTSTARCOM modem purchased from BSNL which is connected to my Router ASUS RT-N13U. I have UL750 :-x connection. I know it can handle 2 connections [1 Wired and 1 Wireless/Wired]. Devices to be connected: 2 Pc's LAN Connection 1 Smartphone 1 Smart TV all connected using ASUS...
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