1. P

    Motorola Q Smart Phone!

    Motorola Q Smart Phone!- try this at Link they say they will give Motorola Q Smart Phone for participating.
  2. P

    video player for z550i

    where can i get a movie player for z550i. can i get smart movie player for this mobile.
  3. S

    Smart Movie ???

    Does any one have the registration # for smart movie or any other software is there in place of this, as of now am using it and now it asks for the key#.... can some one helpme on this saravanan
  4. N

    ISO file bruning to CD

    hi everybody, on the september Digit issue i received a mandriva 2006 in ISO file. i had a problem burning ISO to CD so i can installed in my PC. i have dell machine with 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 40GB hard disk, DVD combo with nero smart and OS is winXP sp2. hope u guys there will help me to...
  5. N


    will enabling SMART option for the hdd in the BIOS help me know when the hdd is going to crash. btw what is SMART.
  6. A

    (URGENT) Can u suggest me a cell for cost upto 7k

    Hi guys (n gals) One of my friends needs a new cell phone and now we r not able to find appropriate one in this budget. She needs the phone having following features :- 1) Smart, sleek 2) Bluetooth 3) FM / MP3 4) Camera (Best possible in this budget) 5) Budget : Maximum 7k Can u...
  7. mohitgiri

    smart movie

    i want to download smart movie 3.20/3.21 full version. please tell me the link where i can find this please help me...
  8. mohitgiri

    smart movie

    hi everybody can u tell me where i can get smart movie 3.20/3.21 crack or keygen file. i hav nokia n80 and i want the full version of smart movie 3.20 plz help me
  9. S

    Smart Movie Doesnt Work Please Help

    Hi there.... I have a N6600 and i have Smart Movie 2.50 installed.. For the last 1 week its givin me a whole lot of problems. Whenever i play a song, it(SM) automatically exits after 12 seconds.. I m not able to c any song.. What cud b the problem?? Please help.. Thanks Zeeshan
  10. kin.vachhani

    what is smart net and how to use it?

    hi friends i have heard something about the smart net can anyone give information regarding it
  11. abhasbajpai

    a question abt battery ??????

    this may a silly question but hope geeks here will help me i just want to know when in a symbian based smart phone more battery is consumed while running an application or while conversation (making a call) ????? and why
  12. go4saket

    What is Smart Defence in Zone Alarm Pro 6???

    Hello Friends! I am using Zone Alarm Pro 6 with Windows XP SP2. The problem is that every time I try to open any software, Zone Alarm gives me some or the other kind of warning. I feel it is some thing related to the Smart Defence feature in it. Can anyone please tell me what is this...
  13. N

    Mobile Content In diGit

    hi everyone, DOn't you think that digit should carry more stuff for mobile phones? It won't cost them much space. Even 10 mb is great. They should regularise the mobile zone on their cds and dvds. Mobile is now-a-days very common device and S60 and S90 phones are not very rare. I think atleast...
  14. koolbluez

    Photo to Painting Tutor

    Wanna make a painting of a REAL picture using Photoshop.. Supposing this is the pic. LAYER VIA COPY (Ctrl+J), name new layer POSTEREDGE Lets FILTER->ARTISTIC->POSTER EDGES->EDGE THICKNESS, INTENSITY, POSTER EDGES be 10,1,6 respectively. Highlight original layer and LAYER VIA COPY (Ctrl+J)...
  15. q3_abhi

    S.M.A.R.T Failure

    I have a 20gb samsung Hardisk. Recently ,I have started getting n error- SMART: Failure detected on ur hard drive.Immediately Backup ur harddrive n replace it. Then i have 2 press F1 2 continue. After pressing F1 computer starts normally. I found no such option in bios to disable it Such as...
  16. C

    Smart CD-Menu Creator

    Greetings Every1, I launched my new software CIS Smart CD-Menu Creator, I need people to beta test it. If you can do the test for me then I would really appreciate it. Please report any bugs at What is CIS Smart CD-Menu Creator Create professional auto run...
  17. mohit

    Antec Smart Power supply

    hey guyz i am planning to buy an Antec Smart Power 400 Watts power supply for my machine (config. on signature) ..... Please tell me if it will be sufficient or not. Also please post your experiences/reviews about the same product. I am getting it for 3300/- (tax included) and i am buying from...
  18. Curious Guest

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 Training Video Workshop

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 Training Video Workshop L01 ADOBE BRIDGE 13:05 L01_T01 Navigating Bridge & Layout L01_T02 Changing Modes & Workspaces L01_T03 Rating & Labeling Images L01_T04 Searching & Saving Collections L01_T05 Using the Bridge Slide Show View 02 THE POWER TO CREATE 26:39...
  19. F

    Smart card project

    Hi friends, does anyone of you is working on any smart card projects? I am in search of some smart card projects based on 80C51 or its derivatives. Can anyone guide me to some good site? Thanks.
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