smart phone under 10k

Karan Vaidhya

Right off the assembly line
i want to buy a smart phone under 10k.
i want to play games,watch movies and need a good camera...
please help me choose.

is Lumia 520 good or should i go for and android.
please suggest a durable brand...


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lumia 520 is good. you will have difficult in finding free quality games though. ;)
i recommend lumia 520.


if you can wait, Nokia is planning to launch Nokia lumia 525 very soon..same as lumia520 but main difference is it has 1gb ram..price should be around 10k..


right here
not much..service is poor in most cities there might be some exceptions.. I also think you should wait for the lumia 525 which serves you requirements well.. Lumia 620 is also a good camera phone
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