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  1. theserpent

    Airtel Internet has become slow/website not loading

    Hey there guys So from the past few weeks my internet has become very slow-though speedtest still shows 1 Mbps Now some website either load very slowly or dont load at all(Eg: take xda) it din't open at all, i restarted the modem and it opened What do i do?
  2. flyingcow

    PCSX2 Help

    Hello, this is my first time im using a ps2 emulator, I have used GBA emulators before, but I am now having trouble in PCSX2 I have installed it and everything, the bios etc I have setup the configs etc too. Now the problem is my games run slowly ( I use DVD) I tried making an iso of the cd...
  3. R

    Sterlite SAM300AX model - all lights are on

    Sterlite SAM300AX modem - all lights are on I have a Sterlite SAM300AX router with a mtnl limited connection. Yesterday when I tried to open the internet, most of its light got on and the lights were changing very slowly and it could not even connect in 15 min. Pls tell what could be the...
  4. M

    Need suggestions for ios

    I recently updated my iphone 3g with ios 4.2 and now it is working very slowly .....have any ideas about this......
  5. X

    One folder opening very slowly.?

    One of my folder (with 9 sub folders) opening very slowly in my one HD's volume(34.5GB), i am having 1GB of RAM with Win XP SP2 and that folder contains about 10GB of data. Help me? :cry:
  6. J

    pc switch off automatically

    while im surfing the web or gaming ,my pc work for 30-45min then slowly it become unresponsive and after that it turn off not even shutdown
  7. IronCruz

    Help for Photoshop

    Hello. I'm looking for Photoshop tutorials. I need tutorials like from basics i.e tools it's functions and then slowly little bit more and so on...
  8. arpanmukherjee1

    virtual machine

    i ma not sure of the section to post this question. help needed anyways:: i want to know about a virtual machine that uses the capacity of multi cores and recognises gpu as well. I know it works slowly than native OS but i run Microsoft virtual mach and it uses only 50% of the cpu
  9. panacea_amc

    Windows Xp Loads slowly: Solution?

    hello people, of late my Windows Xp Pro is starting to load slowly....i have recently downloaded muvees NOT into c: drive but to another drive....but i still dont know why is it runnin so slow...any software to tune up mY windows XP?? thanks in advance!
  10. User Name

    Do torrents reduce HDD performance?

    Do D/L from p2p clients(utorrent) reduce HDD performance? I found my PC HDD performance reduced. folders opens slowly. prog. closes slowly. is it becoz of many read/write operations of HDD during D/L torrents files. How to check hdd preformance any software? There is no virus in my PC.
  11. desiibond

    Madonna's Hard Candy released

    World wide reviews give average to below average rating. I feel that they don't know what's good and what's bad. This is kind of album that slowly gets on your head, like that Rahman's 90's music. worldwide review's : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7370830.stm
  12. Rockstar11

    The Best Sunset Photo you will ever see.( 10 megapixels!)

    Hi Everyone, here are some marvalous sunset scene and i m sure you will like to see it again again and again.. :cool: just go ahead slowly slowly ......... Best sunset picture u will ever see... ;) .. . .. .. .. .. .. scroll down .. .. ...
  13. digit i am thinking

    Proxy opens pages very slowly.

    When i you hide anonymous proxy server pages opens very slowly and some times web pages didn't open.:( why this happens? any other good working anonymous proxy server.
  14. A

    Which monitor for high resolution

    Hi friends, I want to know which Monitor(15" or 17" only) will give resolution of 1152x864 or higher at 85hz. or 100 hz. so I can play games at these high resolution and of which company. My current monitor is samtron 15" and it works on 1152x864(highest) at 60hz. only so the game run very...
  15. A

    Internet Woes

    I have a DELL Inspiron notebook with windows media centre sp2. I use IE6. the dwnld speed shown by DU meter is abt 50KB/s and upld is 60KB/s still my web pages open quite slowly. I always use BITCOMET and dwnld a lot and get quite good speed in it. I have also scanned my comp for viruses and...
  16. sujeet2555

    vibrating fan

    i have window-xp pro.whwnever i start my pc my system fan vibrates violently.as i open my account and comes to my desktop.the vibration slowly slowly reduces and goes normal.why is it happening,is there any solution?
  17. S

    gta runs slowly

    hi when i gta san andreas on my pc it runs/moves slowly means every thing on game like characters cars everythnig move slowly. my pc confi is intel 845 mobo intel p4 2.4 processor 256mb 266mhz ram tell me how to speed it up so that it runs smoothly
  18. S

    gta sanandreas runs slowly

    hi when i gta san andreas on my pc it runs/moves slowly means every thing on game like characters cars everythnig move slowly. my pc confi is intel 845 mobo intel p4 2.4 processor 256mb 266mhz ram tell me how to speed it up so that it runs smoothly
  19. Charley

    Problem with asf and wmv files.

    When I use Vplayer, BSplayer for watching asf and wmv files it plays very very slowly... Whats the reason for that?:)
  20. M


    Hi guys, i have got a p4 2.8 ghz system with onboard graphics. I tried playing chronicles of riddick on it at lowest settings but still, the game runs very badly and slowly, is there any way i can tweak it to run in my system
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