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  1. A

    Need earphones @ 600. Good ones.

    Shortlisted 4 earphones. Please suggest the best or prioritize them. Thanks a lot! 1. Sennheiser CX 180 In-ear-canalphone http://www.flipkart.com/sennheiser-cx-180-in-ear-canalphone/p/itmdaw7pjkbfrhha?pid=ACCDAW7PJXCC9QF3&srno=b_1&ref=7fb2762b-fb44-43ab-95a1-3755b213e5de 2. SoundMAGIC ES 18...
  2. ankush28

    [Query] Skullcandy service centers in Mumbai?

    So my skullcandy ink'd stopped working after 8 months and now I want to claim warranty but cant find service centers in Mumbai. Googlle search ended up with stupid results.
  3. s18000rpm

    [URGENT] Headphone with mic for Nexus 5 - Skullcandy @1.3k okay deal?

    Should I buy Skullcandy S2IKDY-003 Ink'd 2 @1.3k ? Skullcandy S2IKDY-003 Ink'd 2 Headset - Skullcandy: Flipkart.com Budget 1.5k bought from Amazon for Rs.1050 Skullcandy S2IKDY-003 Ink'd 2 In-Ear Headphone with Mic: Amazon.in: Electronics
  4. Y

    guys need your advice on Skullcandy TITAN S2TTDY-016 Chrome

    Guys i am getting 20 days old Skullcandy TITAN S2TTDY-016 Chrome/Black w/Mic 1 Headphone - Buy Online @ Rs.2500/- | Snapdeal at 1.5k(snapdeal price 2.5k) from one of my friend. I heard music with that and its good. So,guys tell me should i get this or is thr any other better earphone within...
  5. coolest111

    over the ear headphone under 4k

    Audio Technica ATH-WS55 BRD(EX)/T Over-the-ear Headphones 3.6k or Skullcandy S5AVDM-074 Navigator On-the-ear Headset 3.7k
  6. S

    SoundMagic E10 or Skullcandy FIX IN EAR

    Hello guys, I am looking for earphones that I could use for jogging as well as normal use. I am confused between The SoundMagic E10 and Skullcandy FIX IN EAR. SoundMagic is suppose to give a good overall music and Skullcandy is a little bass heavy. But skullcandy has a microphone also...
  7. izzikio_rage

    Replacement earbuds for Galaxy S3 upto 1.5k

    After about 8 months of use the bundled earphones with my galaxy S3 finally conked out. The wire is probably broken internally near the 3.5mm jack and now only the left earbud works. Needed some help on getting some new ear buds for it. 1. does samsung not sell replacement earbuds for this...
  8. chandan3

    skullcandy or philips

    Skullcandy 2XL SHAKEDOWN - Skullcandy: Flipkart.com Philips SHL3000 Over-the-ear Headphones - Philips: Flipkart.com which is best for all type of music .or suggest me good headphone under 1.5k for outdoor use Help me guys Help me guys
  9. deepak_ds

    Need Good Headphones

    I need a decent pair of headphones within 3K. Music quality should be great and it should be comfortable. I like colourful headphones. Need a bit of advice about Skullcandy, iDance. Heard bad about Skullcandy. It doesn't sound better than my Sennheiser HD 201 but still it is crisp and clear and...
  10. S

    Best Headphones under 4K

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy on/over the ear headphones under 4K. My requirements are: they should produce good/clear/true sound at all the levels, should not be too bass heavy, also they should be comfortable, portable and durable. I will use them mostly for music/movies with my...
  11. F

    Front Headphone port HAF912 probs

    Just purchased a HAF 912 and My earphones 3.5mm pin doesnt fully enter the Front Port, coz of which i can only hear from 1 side, Using SkullCandy In-ear headphones... There is no dirt or anything blocking,.........Did any 1 face a simalar problem??? any Solution??
  12. S

    Skullcandy Hesh 2.0

    Hello, I am looking to buy a Skullcandy Hesh 2.0, and I want some help getting the best deal on the online shopping sites! Help!!
  13. H

    Which 1 to buy?????asap

    Guys which 1 shud i go 4...soundmagic es18 or skullcandy s2dudz-040
  14. Y

    buying headphones!!!

    HELLO............ please help me.......... I want to buy headphone. My budget is around 4,000 and below..... I want only skullcandy. Please suggest me..............I want good looks, good sound quality with bass and sub woofers, comfortable in wearing for more than 2...
  15. R

    on ear headphones for 4k

    hi guys i am gonna get new headphones as i broke my sennhisers now. the budget is strictly under 4k. i'm looking forward to skullcandy skullcrusherSkullcandy S6SKFZ-003 Skullcrusher Headphone - Skullcandy: Flipkart.com or sennhiser hd 419 Sennheiser HD 419 Headphone - Sennheiser: Flipkart.com...
  16. E

    audio technica vs skullcandy

    hey guys in my previous post i asked you guys which headphones to go for.so i have shortlisted two headphones that are under my budget that is 4k.one is audio-technica ath-m35 and another one is skullcandy skullcrusher.i want a headphone which sounds clear and have robust bass.headphones should...
  17. S

    Which Headphones To Buy ?? This Will Be My 1st time that i will buy a headphone from Senn Or SC. 5K

    Hi I Am Eashan, Looking To Buy A New pair Of Headphones Mid Range. My Earlier Headphones were Sony Mdr-645LP Which i think were very comfortable,portable,weigh just 2 ounces(55g)and delivered good sound for the the fact they were behind the neck open design.They Could Be Worn While Playing...
  18. R

    Skullcandy X2SPCZ vs Panasonic RP-HJE120 k ! reply fast - getting good deal

    hi guys , i am a complete noob to hi fi earphones. see i am looking to buy headphones around 300 bucks . yeah thats a low budget . now i have read some threads here and compared reviews of flipkart. i found panasonic rp hje 120k to have the best reviews in flipkart. and i have read that...
  19. TheLetterD

    Headphones for 4~4.5K

    Hello! Im looking for the best headphones (Over OR On the Ear type) @4K (Can extend Budget to 4.5K if the deal is really good) I basically listen to Hip Hop and at times A little Jazz. Clarity should be good, Im not planning on using them at high volumes. Will be using them to watch Movies...
  20. R

    headphones,please help soon!!

    hi thr.. im desperately searching for quality headphones, i travel a lot so something loud,maybe sound cancellation. my budget is 2000/2500 INR. i have thought of skullcandy and wicked audio(for the looks), but im in doubts please help me :) thanking you already!!
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