1. Allu Azad

    Paladins: Champions of the Realm

    Paladins: Champions of the Real Recently released open beta on Steam. Good alternative to Overwatch if that seems costly to you. For more info on champions and skin giveaways - Paladin Deck building help - PaladinsDecks: Deck Gameplay - *
  2. harshilsharma63

    Greasemonkey Script for TDF Dark Skin Improvement

    Hello. I'm developing a Greasemonkey user script for improving the not-so-good dark skin of digit forum (TDF). I've completed the script for the forum's home page and would love to hear your feedback (and other stuff) about it. I'm a little busy right now so the modification of other parts of...
  3. Faun

    My experience while away from home

    It's been close to a year since I have been away from home. Feel compelled to share about the things I learned so far. I will start with the food. Here, I am rediscovering things which I left earlier. Remember that food change can have very drastic effect on your mind and body in longer run...
  4. T

    Is sleeping nude a healthy option?

    Is this a myth or does it really make a difference when sleeping nude? Is it better for our skin?
  5. A

    Why the insecurity about looks, age and skin colour (marriage/relationships)?

    Alright, the thing goes like this: I (and by extension most of my friends) are at an age where we are young, nearly finished with studies and looking off towards a better future. For those who are trigger happy with relationships, this means the search is on. For others, they're at least...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    recommend me rainmeter skins/themes(windows 7 compatible)

    please tell me about some skins/themes for rainmeter (give links) a good enough skin like enigma a dock like the one in mac OS X a skin to make my windows taskbar transparent PS:i put this in software QA because i did'nt know where to start this thread.if mods know an appropriate...
  7. techbulb

    ps3 skin disease

    i was having skin infection on my hands by playing ps3 daily (3-4hrs) i showed it to a doc he gave meds my hands got good ,but it happened again so i stopped playing ps3 for a while so my hands became good again automatically .i was asking is there a way to prevent this type of skin infection...
  8. Garbage

    Samsung Unveils Flexible Android Smartphone

    Source - Samsung Unveils Flexible Android Smartphone
  9. elviento

    problem with skins-htc

    I have an HTC wild fire S i was unable to install skins from htc hub so i downloaded some skins from xda developers- like chinese new year and music lover in apk format. then i installed them in my htc using htc installer the skins got into my phone but they don't appear in the...
  10. mohityadavx

    Photoshop Mask Mode problem

    Hi! I am using photoshop CS5 and I am suffering from a strange problem, photoshop is not selecting parts of photo in mask mode . for ex:- If i am selecting a face it will not select some parts near the eye, leave some more parts near the eyes , or some space at cheek. This makes the whole...
  11. rohanmathew

    Need a .reg file to modify media player

    I need a single .reg file which will change the registry to disable the skin.The manual method is given below.I dont know how to create a .reg file. To lock Windows Media Player's sking (disable changing skin) 1- Go to the following address: QUOTE...
  12. akshaykapoor_3

    AMD Promotion... Get Freebies..~~

    your get personalized AMD gadget for free, if you have purchased an AMD processor or graphics card. It’s time to choose your favorite gadget. You can select personalized Business Cards, an iPodskin (iPod Touch and iPod Nano), a Mobile phone skin (iPhone and Blackberry) or a Laptop/PC skin...
  13. ritesh.techie

    How to: Create Skin for Window Media Playe

    Creating skin for media player is a very easy task and to create your first skin Here is final output
  14. Krazy Bluez

    Help me find this...

    Hey guys....I need your help...can anyone tell me which Winamp skin is this...I've searched DA but not found anything....
  15. D

    making own boot skin

    pls help me to make my own boot skin:-(
  16. gauravsuneja

    FS nokia 6600 in working condition witn 256 mb card

    6600 in working condition witn 256 mb card some scratches on it . never ever been repaired though i changed it skin to black once and now i again put the original skin
  17. Faun

    Tabe v1.08.09b Released

    Here I present the first beta release of a theme for Gnome named Tabe Its a mix of matte-black, shiny-torquise-green and grey-gradient --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GTK and Metacity Theme Download Tabe.tar.gz file (~88 KB) MPlayer Skin...
  18. Faun

    Tabe Theme for Gnome !

    For last couple of days I'm working on a theme for Gnome. It will include the metacity, gtk, icon-pack, Mplayer skin and hopefully a VLC skin too. Here is the in vitro development screenshot. This is my first contribution to theming in Linux. More info will be updated soon. Tools am using...
  19. narangz

    Cloning could provide skin cancer treatment

    Posted Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:26pm AEST Scientists in the United States say they have successfully treated a man suffering from advanced skin cancer by cloning one of his immune system blood cells to mount an attack on the disease. The technique involved isolating one of the patient's...
  20. Indyan

    Opera gets a makeover

    Opera gets a new skin. The old skin was beeing used since v7. More detaila and download link to the latest weekly snapshot here.
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