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  1. G

    Need Dual Sim Phone with Memory Expansion slot?

    Hello, to all of you. I need to buy a phone having a budget of Rs.12000-15000, actually, I need a phone where I can put two sims as well as memory card at the same time, but you know guys these days most of the phones (Redmi Note3, Max, K5 Note, Le Eco's Etc.) come with two slots of sim where...
  2. saikibryan

    One plus 2 dual sim problem !

    Good morning folks, I am using a one plus 2 phone for last couple of months now...it was running smoothly... I was using a BSNL sim for primary slot for call purpose and a vodafone sim for data mainly which was my secondary sim. now problem started from last week... If i insert both of the...
  3. kg11sgbg

    SIM not readable in Android tablet; option greyed out

    One of my Android Tablet's is running very well,except for the network connection through sim(3G). I had deactivated/closed :duh2: the sim management function by sliding in the button,and took out the sim. Now whenever with any 3G sim be it Vodafone or Aircel or Idea,I am trying to reconnect,the...
  4. A

    [For Sale] [Auction] Origin account (BF3,BF4, Dragon Age, Fifa, NFS)

    I have an origin account with the following games... Most of the games I have played like 3-4 hours so almost clean. Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3 Premium Battlefield 4 Dead Space Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition Dragon Age 2 Fifa 12 Mass Effect 2 Need For Speed Most Wanted Need For Speed...
  5. Nerevarine

    HUMBLE BUNDLE !!!!! Get 8 Games for 4.80 dollars

    https://www.humblebundle.com/ Buy ASAP.. Includes Crysis 2 ME, Mirror's Edge, Burnout Paradise, Dead space 1 , Dead space 3, MOH 2010 for 1 $ Pay 4.8 $ now to unlock BF3 and sims 3 as well
  6. Revolution

    Unable To Save SMSs to SIM Memory

    Hi, I have Nokia 2700C. I can't save SMSs to SIM. Could not found any setting. Use more than one SIMs so there is no way to know which SMS from which SIM. Any solution ?
  7. R

    best mobile under 15k

    suggest the best mobile, whether android , windows..or whatever... i want the best... in all aspects... plus also suggest mobiles with dual sims.. maximum budget=15k
  8. Anand_Tux

    3G wifi router

    I need a 3G wifi router which accepts 3G sims or 3G datacards from any brand, my budget is around 3k.
  9. Gaurav265

    Imagine your favourite game.

    hi,friends we all play games but think what happen when you able to make your own favourite game so,i make this thread for if you can make your game then imagine which type of game you make. my imagination is- i like the sims 3 its story but i think in a new way if the sims look like...
  10. D

    What is a good graphic card at an affordable price?

    I'm looking to get a better graphic card installed into my laptop. I have a DellXPS14 Notebook. I play The Sims, and I want to have the best looking game I can have at an affordable rate. The game already looks great, but I know it's probably not to The Sims 3 standards. Do you know of any...
  11. gowtham

    Mobile Network Plans.

    Just one small question. What is the cheapest STD mobile plan that I can get (can be CDMA/GSM) I already have a reliance CDMA phone (Re.1/3mins) If I required I can buy two new handsets/ SIMs as well! I have done some research and found a small solution. I will buy two sims from a provider...
  12. A

    sims 3

    anyone have played this game so far? any reviews?
  13. P


    anyone knows cheat code for this game?? its a mobile (java) version of The Sims 3 link HERE
  14. max_demon

    Entering a new world... ?

    Hello Guys i have been useing a pretty old machine since last 4 years .. ugh i dont remember . i havent changed much of the components . but through time i have been drooled to powerful systems so i have decided to change my whole computer setup . now my problem is i dont know what could i do...
  15. Flashbang

    Daemon tools 3.47 + Sims 2 + vista

    I have sims 2 university which was a gift from someone from china . The game requires Daemon Tools 3.47 pre-installed on the pc.The setup won't work without it. Now I want to install it on my new pc running on vista but installing Daemon tools 3.47 gives a bsod. I installed new daemon tools but...
  16. azzu

    Dual Sim Phone Dilema

    Want to Buy a Mobile Fone Which Supports Dual Sims (GSM) wat ever Brand it is (Xcept the Chineese Non-Branded) . BudGET : 6-7k 1)Two sims shud work simultaneously 2)Call Recording Feature Is Must 3)Micro SD card Support ( OPT) Help me Guys I have Heard Fly and Micromax Has sum good Dula...
  17. rohitshubham

    Sims 2

    Hey i installe sims 2 and the game installed apart from fact that the disc 3 computer asked for only 3 minutes and the discs were also not in very good condition and i had to use toothpaste to run them and everything was fine but when i start the game there is an error and the game refuses to...
  18. H

    Digitian need Help?????

    hey guys i need your help,,,,, frnds i have a o2 XDA Zinc with windows 6 professional in it.... the problem is that i am not able to make calls from my phone whenever i try to call any number it show's "CALL ENDED" and if someone try to call me it's giving the response mobile number is not...
  19. G

    Is Mobile Cloning Possible these days?

    Hi,I got my mobile bill 3 times my expectation.Though I have sought call details.But can anybody enlighten me that is it possible to clone a new Sim(some say new sims cannot be cloned).I suspect cloning may be the reason. wrong or Right?
  20. ayushman9

    Please help in sims 2 customization ?

    1... Well ,i want to add custom content to sims 2 ,when i download any pack in .sims2pack format it automatically start the installation but when i open up sims 2 i am unable to find it ,This is happening when i am using ms vista ultimate 32 bit . Previously when i was using xp ,it was...
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