1. montsa007

    Nokia Launches Low End Dual Sim Phones - All under $50

    Nokia launches low-end 110, 112 cellphones - Tech News - IBNLive There are 4 models in all. 2 models have dual sim, and the same 2 models are sold as single sim. Priced under $50 for teens who can't afford smartphones. On a serious Note - Nokia, please surrender to Android your days...
  2. velociraptor

    nokia lumia 900

    hello friends i want to buy a nokia lumia 900 which will be pretty costly in india many sites have rated it about 30k but it is really cheap in usa here is the link Nokia Lumia 900 - Nokia - USA so i want to ask a ques that will any sim i.e any indian sim will be supported in that phone or...
  3. Shah

    Need Help on buying a WiFi Modem+Router (URGENT)

    I am planning to buy a Wifi Modem+Router today with SIM Slot and an Ethernet port. I will use Airtel/BSNL SIM (both 3G) with it for two or three months. After that, I planning to get a Broadband. That's why I need a SIM Slot and an Ethernet Port. I will be connecting the following. 1 X...
  4. esumitkumar

    Hows this tablet ? Penta TPAD WS704C..with 3G SIM Slot only in 9,917/-

    T-Pad WS704C | Ideal for student use Annotation and quick downloads The Penta TPAD WS704C sports a 7" capacitive touchscreen, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, upto 32GB storage via memory card (4 GB built-in), WiFi, 3G dongle support & front as well as rear cameras. It also comes with a SIM card...
  5. evilmage93

    Unlocking MTS MBLAZE

    Its illegal. So i dont know if its gonna get pass moderators but if it gets then here is the deal. I have a MTS Mblaze Ec22 wireless broadband dongle and i also have a airtel sim with 3g connection with like 1gb data traffic left on it so i was kinda thinking if i can use the mts modem...
  6. bubusam13

    What about Micromax Superfone Ninja A50 ?

    Hi guys, what about this phone ? * Let me make it clear to you first. Before I was thinking about purchasing a high end phone. But...
  7. K


    Please give a correct answer. Who are using this LG Optimus Net Dual! When ONE SIM is using for Data usage (Internet purpose) can i receive or dial any calls or SMS from the other SIM? Please give me reply as soon as possible i want to buy if that question is clarified. Waiting for User's...
  8. X

    Sim card not detected in my new HTC SENSATION

    guys i bought htc sensation 2 days back and I am facing some issues already.when i insert vodafone sim card it says NO sim card but bsnl is working fine please help me in this regard
  9. I

    Any reviews on Dream Tab - 7" Tab+Phone?

    Hi, I want to buy a tablet with SIM card slot and 2G - call and GPRS functionality. I have seen quite a few but shortlisted this one: 7" Dream Tab Phone TABLET + SIM TABLET + With 4 GB + Phone TAB + 1 Year Warranty | eBay Main features are: 7" Res 2pt touch - Via 800mhz - Phone...
  10. S

    Android: Dual-Active Dual Sim Phone

    Hi All, I am planning to purchase a Dual SIM and Dual-Active phone. i.e. When I am on call with one SIM, If someone called the other SIM , then he/she should be getting the wait Tone. From my end, I should be able to see the other call and if required, I can switch the calls on the fly. It...
  11. O

    # Additional phone by Bluetooth?! Funny Device?!

    Whatz dhis device? Anyone tried? Will it be helpful? Check out: Some ebay seller is selling this one,reliable? dunno? check: GMATE SIM DEVICE -"MAKE IPOD TO IPHONE" IPAD,IPHONE & ANDROID TO DUAL SIM MOBILE | eBay
  12. R

    Need cheapest (and reliable) TAB with SIM capablity in india

    I want to buy cheapest (and reliable) TAB with SIM capablity in india. HELP me choose
  13. koolent

    Android Signal Problem !!

    Hi, I installed Androd 2.3 On my Galaxy Ace, after that it was running fine but when I took my screw driver and loosened the screws a little (didn't open the phn) then I screwed them back and kept the phone and went on the ground floor.. When I returned and changed the phn's SIM Card, I...
  14. omega44-xt

    Doubts regarding DOCOMO

    I'm going to visit 3 states (Kerala, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu). I'm planning to buy a 3G DOCOMO sim from Kerala. Is DOCOMO a good network provider ? My doubts are: - I heard that there are no roaming charges in DOCOMO. Is it true ? Any Terms n Conditions ? - If i put an internet pack & sms...
  15. MetallosaurusRex

    Dual SIM Android smartphone?

    Hey fellas, Looking for a dual sim android for my sis. Budget is ~25k max. Should have good music and cam, and no buggy UI. Suggestions? I somehow can't find a dual sim phone around :\
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