1. adityak469

    Positive Experience Bought a Bajaj Flashy Heater

    So once again snapdeal lives unto my expectations. Ordered a hearer from a 5 star seller on snapdeal, it was shipped in 2 days and took another 2 to reach me. It was packedquite good enough and no damage was done to it. Inside the warranty card was all signed. The heater works flawlessly and...
  2. patkim

    Is it possible to include 'Digitally Signed' Security note on print out of digitally signed mail?

    Hi..I have a mail in Outlook Express 6 that's digitally signed by the sender. Security Note 'Digitally Signed and verified' also appears in the header when the message is opened in Outlook. When I print the mail though, that security note is not included. Is there any way it's possible to...
  3. lakeport

    Hey guys...

    Hey, i just signed up, and just wanted to say hi to the community. Hey can anyone tell me how to upload an avatar?
  4. NewsBytes signs on EA; Adds 25 classic titles

    For those who are still unaware of this gem of a website, or Good Old Games is a digital distributor of old, classic PC games. One of's unique aspects is their promise to deliver every game completely DRM free! currently has major publishers such as...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Google Apps Free Accounts to Allow Only 10 users Starting May 10th

    Google apps is going to reduce the no. of users to 10 from existing 50 users for free A/c. But good news is that, they'll offer 50 users for the existing users or users signed up before May 10th. Google really knows to care for their customers. Google Rocks. :D Hurry guys, if you...
  6. axes2t2

    Mtnl triband - upload problem

    I can't seem to upload anything to anysite be it pics or attachments in mail.I have this problem since last three days. Also youtube videos don't play when I am signed in but they play fine when not signed in :???: I have DSL_Unlimited_749 plan.
  7. Baker

    customizing right click properties in windows XP

    Hi ALL 1 : i have one exe "sample.exe" in my PC 2: i signed this file using the tool "signcode.exe" 3: after that if we right click on "sample.exe" and select the "properties" we will get one more additional tab "Digital signature" there we can see all the details about the certificate which...
  8. hskpunjabi

    signed and unsigned symbian app.

    hi friends, what are signed n unsigned applications for symbian mobiles. are they safe to use...should they be tried on n73.
  9. dhanusaud

    Symbian Signed

    Is symbian signed is useless? I can't sign unsigned apps.::(
  10. raksrules

    Need opera mini signed version for w800i

    i need signed version of opera mini for my w800i. i already have the latest version installed but it is not a signed one. i Was not able to find on the opera mini website.
  11. iMav

    3G iPhone announced

    Ya well it was recently. GPS too. India dela announced as in it was shown on the map where iPhone will be available. "The deal is signed sealed and delivered" and the prices are $200.
  12. Y

    Ip Conflict prob!

    hello everbdy hope u r fine but im not! plz let me know what do with this ip conflict problem. i have 10 systems in my LAN with diffrent ips signed to all but still a popup shows " SYSTEM ERROR- there is ip conflict with other system in ur network". i even spoke to ISP but he says he hav not...
  13. A

    HOw to change security question in yahoo?

    Well, its old, its gone and its selling but I still want to know how can we change the security answer or both security questions and answers after we have signed up our account...that is from email page we get after signing in. Pls reply if u know
  14. emailaatif786

    eBay Trouble

    I was Just surfing on my PC, and I got Signed In with my UserName, But after clicking on My Shopping Cart, I saw that I Have been Logged in as jayarajp2004, and I saw his all Account? ie; I signed In with My own Account, But I got Logged In as Another Unknown Account? But How is...
  15. CadCrazy

    Indian Mundu Is Now Symbian Signed

    Mundu Radio, developed by Geodesic Information Systems Ltd, has received the 'Symbian Signed' status. This allows Mundu Radio to now support all the latest and popular Nokia Smartphones being sold in the market today. Users of the latest Nokia N-series and E-series phones can now download...
  16. iMav

    MSN's own sent email is marked as junk

    wel following he link given by anand in another thread i registered on the site which was a msn controlled site coz i signed in using my .net account and the confirmation mail that i got from them to my surprise was in junk foder ... have a look:
  17. caje143

    Yahoo Cant Sign In????

    Hi all, i am having a very strange problem with my yahoo account... you'll might be knowing of this feature of yahoo that while we sign in it has a small check box below saying "keep me signed in for 2 weeks", now the problem is that yesterday at home when i last signed in by mistake i...
  18. sabret00the

    SLI drivers for 8600GT

    I installed the drivers that came with my Zebronics 8600GT but the driver dosent support SLI.Futher,they are not "driver signed" by Microsoft.I need drivers that are "driver signed" by Microsoft for XP Pro SP2 and will also support "SLI". Further,after I installed the drivers in Vista I got a...
  19. abhijit_reddevil

    Manchester United to sign Henrik Larsson? correct?

    Source:* Old is gold.:cool: By the way, I thought it would have been better if my favourite club signed someone younger like Fernando Torres from Athletico Madrid.:cool: That was a pre-season speculation.
  20. H

    Problem with yahoo messenger

    Hi All, My problem seems very typical, whenever I use yahoo messenger I get the messege that "You have signed off bcz you signed in on a different computer or device". This problem I am facing for last 15 days. I thought myself may be prob wd messenger, went to cybercafe their again same...
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