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  1. M

    Not a tech-savvy person ..please help...

    Please bear with my question , it may seem childish. I have cable internet connection on my desktop. How can i broadcast Wi-Fi signals from my desktop , so that i can use it on my smartphone??? Please suggest the cheapest possible way...
  2. panacea_amc

    Laptop Wifi gone bad? Any way to use any USB device for Wifi?

    Hello, I have a Dell vostro 1014 lappy. The wifi is not working for a few days even after updating the Wifi drivers. Can I use any device like a USB Wifi connector: I want to plug it in the USB of my lappy and receive the Wifi signals for browsing internet. Please mention me a good brand and...
  3. bee

    obtaining IP address..........forever :|

    i have a bsnl teracom modem at home my brother messed with the settings while setting up a password for the wifi now even after removing the password the wifi isnt connecting it just shows connected on my phone with full signals but the internet doesnt work please help guys...
  4. K

    suggest me good datacard that works with sim(unlocked 3g datacard)...

    Currently i am using reliance netconnect+,whereever i go m getting worst network n speed...so i thought to go for airtel datacard(only coz it gives good signals),bt m not knowing even airtel gives good signals? Finally i decided to purchase datacard for my laptop that works wid SIM,so that...
  5. R

    Modem sends data but can't receive data - Pls help

    I have MTNL Broadband connection. Currently my PC is not connecting to internet. I checked all the settings and also called the MTNL engineer who tried to repair the problem but as per him the modem is working fine but the PC is not able to receive broadband signals but it is able to send...
  6. Hrishi

    future after silicon..

    I read in a blog that Quantum Computing breakthrough has been achieved at MIT(not the Manipal1 :p) and Harvard. Scientists were able to combine various laser beams/sources into one Individual photon They are speculating advancement into creation of Photon gates. IDK , how they are gonna...
  7. koolent

    Android Signal Problem !!

    Hi, I installed Androd 2.3 On my Galaxy Ace, after that it was running fine but when I took my screw driver and loosened the screws a little (didn't open the phn) then I screwed them back and kept the phone and went on the ground floor.. When I returned and changed the phn's SIM Card, I...
  8. A

    help me in catcing wifi signals...

    hi guyz... I've got some wifi hotspots at about half a km from MY home... I want to get those signals... I've read about some antennae (or some other device) which help to catch wifi singnals from distant hotspots... Plz help me out guyz...
  9. praka123

    What happens after TV's mainframe era ends next February?

    Read Complete article here: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/what-happens-after-tvs-mainframe-era-ends-next-february
  10. B

    New MPEG-DVB-Technical information

    MPEG-DVB-Technical information MPEG-DVB-Technical information 10/14/07 at 03:43:37 MPEG-DVB-Technical information PIDs ---- PIDs = Packet IDentifiers. They are parameters which identify particular packets (188-byte chunks) of the digital MPEG-2...
  11. Voldy

    Free, Over-The-Air Digital HD Coming to Britain. In 2012

    Yes, five years away, but the trickle could start sooner. ITV, the BBC, and Channels Four and Five have provisionally agreed to deliver Hi-Def programming using the free, over the air digital service Freeview. The rollout relies on using the airwaves which will be freed up as the analog TV...
  12. hansraj

    how is dish tv able to do this???

    Just about 10 days before i recorded few tv serials on my laptop as it has tv tuner card(RF signal input). however today when i tried to copy ... wham... straigt came the message that the signals are protected and it cannot be copied!!!! now i want to know how come through the rf signal...
  13. napster007

    LCD unsafe????

    hey guys guess what i've heard.... the LCD monitors emmit a certain frequency electromagnetic waves which can be picked up with the help of an antenna if put in your room. these signals can be decoded to reveal the exact details ur veiwing on your screen. kinda unsafe dont u think??????
  14. techtronic

    WIFI SECURED ? Company develops Wi-Fi resistant paint

    EM-SEC Technologies, a company better known for its governmental and military technologies, has released a commercial paint which the company says, with validation from the National Security Agency (NSA), will block Wi-Fi signals. The paint will block signals coming in or going out of a room...
  15. ~Phenom~


    Hi friends, In my town , our cable signal reception is very poor and distorted especially during 6 to11 pm for the last one week. We thought it might be a technical problem but yesterday our Cable wala displayed notice on their channels that some anti-social elements are using Jammers to...
  16. S

    Singnal Booster 4 Mobile Phone

    Hello Everyone, Friends i have a Reliance CDMA phone. This is working very fine. But from last few days my job is few kilometer away from city. Here Phone signals r very week. Is there anyway to boost the signal so that i can receive my personal call easily. thanx
  17. T

    Can I receive Mobile Signals in the House ?? Pls help

    I do receive mobile signals at my house roof. Is there any way, when I can receive there signals inside the home. Can I make any antena, any equipment. Please let me...if possible. saumya
  18. R

    companies preventing cell phone use?

    Do you know of any company which blocks mobile signals in it campus for security reasons?
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