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  1. randomuser111

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Thread

    - 4,99″ Full-HD LCD SoLux Display - Snapdragon 600 1.9 Ghz - 2 GB RAM - 16, 32 or 64 GB - 13 Megapixel - 140.1 x 71.8 x 7.7mm - 138 gram - Home button with touch buttons - Plastic back with aluminium sides - Removable battery - Black / White No Exynos and no SAMOLED :-D BREAKING...
  2. mang

    Photoshop Both sides pointed brushes how to get

    I could not get both sides pointed brushes as i posted the picture how do i obtain both sides pointed brushed in photoshop any help?
  3. B

    Sides of Touchscreen insensitive in HTC Desire S

    I had bought online HTC Desire S in May-2012. Now it has started troubling me as its right-left and bottom sides on the screen along with the home button is not responding. Its in warranty period. Whats the cause for this problem and what should I do to get it fine?
  4. Niilesh

    [urgent]help me solve class X physics questions

    Hey Can someone solve these question and explain it? I want the answer before 25th(till 24th) I didn't even understand this- A maths one(this one seems impossible) 81. The area of quadrilateral ABCD whose sides are 9 m, 40 m, 28 m and 15 m is (A) 300 m2 (B) 306 m2 (C) 296 m2 (D) none...
  5. I

    tata sky hd problem

    Hi guys, Recently i upgraded my setup box to hd. I have sont bravia 32'' full hd tv. My problem is that i the channels like national geo, discovery, few music channels and couple of more channels are getting 1 inch cut from 2 sides. It used to not happen before. All hd channels and sports...
  6. arpanmukherjee1

    Laser Printer under 4K

    suggest mono laser printers under 4K. USB sufficient, not WiFi or BT used for home only but like if it will take paper and print on both sides (what is this feature called?) also suggest laser printers with scanners. how much will they cost?
  7. crawwww

    shortlisted for GDPI from SIMC

    I have deleted this post because of a discouraging and immature response from one of the moderators. It seems there is a lot of favouritism going on here and moderators are partial towards certain members and may even warn or threaten other members to stop posting to appease them. I'd like to...
  8. gurujee

    Question about having a pirated Vista

    Hi I recently bought an acer 4710z lappy which is designed for Vista though Linux is preinstalled. Now, installing XP in this is a headache for a non-techie like me. The dealer is insisting to get a Vista installed but he also suggesting to have a LEGAL Vista. But it will another heavy...
  9. s18000rpm

    HP to play in the Gaming Market

    In hopes of stealing a piece of the online gaming industry, Hewlett-Packard's gaming unit "Game On" (part of the company's Technology Solutions Group) is currently developing a gaming technology in its research centers. The company plans to incorporate the interactive gaming experinence into...
  10. T

    video recording

    Hi, we can record our live image by using windows movie maker, like that i would like to record the video conferencing( messenger chatting our sides as well as opponent side) is there any software available to record.
  11. H

    Video Playback Problem

    ok like when i open some videos...not all...its like the frame rate or something is slow...its like as soon as they start they kinda get stuck from the centre and only d sides move... ....the sound n ol is olrite...jus the sides of the video are like moving whereas the centre is frozen...and...
  12. D

    Monitor Display Problem

    Both sides of the display of my pc monitor have become hyperbolic, with the display being narrow at the horizontal centerline of the screen. The areas outside the display area on both sides are pitch black. After sometime, the display is restored back to full screen. What can be causing this...
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