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  1. K

    Which game would you buy?

    Lot's of games are coming in, and I want to buy them all ( desires ). I can buy out one game a month. Now, I am really confused which game should I get in July. I made a list. Please suggest which game should I get next. Games I want GTA V - Released Shadow Of Mordor - Released...
  2. kapilove77

    Shadow Warrior 2

    Humor in 1st one was good and now looking for this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=116&v=1-PfKun0R70
  3. jak3072

    RE: WTB PS3 games

    hey cant seem to post in WANT TO BUY section so posting here. Really need the following games - Bayonetta Eternal Sonata Valkyria Chronicles Journey Collector's Edition Ico & Shadow of Colossus Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Mix I'm located in New Delhi.. Lemme know
  4. r4gs

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

    Reviewing this game for SKOAR! I'm having a really hard time actually playing this game. Not because it's hard, but because it's dreadfully dull most of the time. Haven't finished it yet of course, the latter half might be good. What do you guys think? Anyone tried it yet? Castlevania...
  5. Harshverma

    R9 Series Problems

    Hey , I have heard that most of the Graphic Cards of R9 Series and 7970 faces flickering and glitching shadows issues Is it True ? Have You faced such issues? If I face such issues with my next GPU (R9 270X Toxic) ; will those be fixed by stable Catalyst versions and Application Profiles?
  6. Nerevarine

    Darksiders 1 savegame

    I have lost my savegames.. Can anyone spare their savegame, right after the events of going into the shadow realm for the first time (To kill 4 shadow lurkers in order to free the gate guardian for Tiamat)
  7. M

    Can i get an average of 30fps in GTA EFLC with the following config ?

    processor:AMD phenom II X4 955 black edition Ram:corsair 4GB ddr3 GPU:Gigabyte radeon HD5770 1GB GDDR5 AT the following settings: resolution:1440x900x75 hertz texture quality:high reflection resolution:very high water quality:very high shadow quality:very high night shadow: off view distance:0...
  8. Stuge

    Century's darkest Total lunar eclipse 15th June 2011.[Visible from India]

    Timings :From 23:57 hrs(15th night) -3:52am (16th morning) Reason why it is the darkest lunar eclipse because the moon passes in front of the center of the Earth's shadow. Eclipse Visibility ‘Darkest’ side of the moon
  9. Ethan_Hunt

    The Official 'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow' Thread! [PS3] [X360]

    Official Web Page: LINK Developer: Mercury Steam Publisher: Konami Genre: Action/Adventure Release date: US 05-Oct-2010 / UK 8-Oct-2010 Description: Features:
  10. Disc_Junkie

    I have seen a ghost two days back

    :evil::evil::evil::evil: I have seen a ghost or better to say dark shadows two days before. Before seeing that I was not afraid to go to toilet which is across the verendah at 12:00 clock but now I am feeling scary to come out of the house or even go to the verendah at 7:00 in the evening. It...
  11. vamsi_krishna

    Name 10 Best Games In Playstation 2

    Hello gamers, I think the playstation 2 is almost at the end of its carrer. Ther are no large number of new games. Execpt some low budget games. Now, i think every playstation 2 owner will have a final idea what are the best games in this console. I am uploading my top 10...
  12. Ron

    Display Problem

    Guys…. I am unable to explain…………..Whenever I switch own my computer……..The Green and Blue color lines are shown after the windows xp logo in the boot screen…. …Not only this ……..Whenever I open any dialog box in the desktop……..a pink color shadow appears…………. I don’t know what is causing...
  13. go4saket

    Shadow Problem in Photos...

    Hello friends! I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P200. I have a small problem. Although the camera takes superb pictures, each and every snap taken inside the house has a shadow behind the subject. I have tried clicking photos from all angles, but the shadow problem still persists. Is this because...
  14. blueshift

    Amazing Plugins for Photoshop, PSP

    3D Shadow This handy tool easily creates various types of 3D shadows from objects such as letters, numbers, shapes and so on. All settings are present in a single window - transparency level, perspective, shadow color and position, X/Y/Z angles, and some others...
  15. M

    ziz zag shadow in nfsmw

    hi, my pc congif. is p4 3.0 ghz with ht support,nvidia xfx6600gt 256mb,512mbddr2 ram,915gev mobo, i have all the latest drivers of card n mobo.i notice ziz zag shadow in need for speed mos wanted even at the highest settings. here look at the link
  16. C

    Shadow Forcing in AOE 3

    I have a ATi Radeon 9200 se gfx. AOE 3 demo plays well and fast with all settings turned to the max. Shadow qualtity option has only 2 choices : * None * Low How can i force high quality and very high quality options into the game, both demo and full game? Do i have to...
  17. J

    STALKER - shadow of chernobyldiscussion

    I guess the nest BIG game after HL2 is STALKER shadow of chernobyl. I saw a few screen shots and the graphics simply rocks. check out the home page at: http://www.stalker-game.com/index_eng.html tell me what you think of the game. I think there is a video download too.
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