Which game would you buy?

Lot's of games are coming in, and I want to buy them all ( desires ).

I can buy out one game a month. Now, I am really confused which game should I get in July.
I made a list.
Please suggest which game should I get next.

Games I want

GTA V - Released
Shadow Of Mordor - Released
Batman - June , 2015
God of War 3 - 15 July, 2015
Phantom Pain - Sep,2015
Uncharted Remastered - Oct, 2015
Syndicate - Oct, 2015
COD - Nov,2015
NFS 2015 - Dec
Just Cause 3 - Dec
Rainbow Six - ?
Uncharted 4 - 2016
Tomb Raider - ?
The Division - 2016

There seems to be no game coming out in August. So I am confused between GTA V, Shadow of Mordor, Batman and God of war 3.

I have never played any god of war.
I only played batman arkham city and got stuck in a mission. Never played the game again.
GTA V. Played 3-4 times on friends Xbox One, liked it.
Shadow of Mordor had good reviews.

I was thinking that GTA and Shadow are already released, so maybe somehow I can get old copy from someone at cheaper rate, and get 2 games for a month.? But seems like no one is selling those games. :(
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