1. Zangetsu

    RIP CyanogenMod, Welcome LineageOS

    Cyanogen Inc shutting down CyanogenMod nightly builds and other services, CM will live on as Lineage Source: Cyanogen Inc shutting down CyanogenMod nightly builds and other services, CM will live on as Lineage [Updated] Cyanogen services shutting down
  2. Zangetsu

    The Best DTH in India

    Hi Guys, Hope many of you are using DTH services (Dish,Airtel,Videocon etc) And would like to hear from your POV. which are the best and worth of money in DTH services. as Many of us have Full HD sets at home so lets start with best DTH HD services in India.
  3. K

    MS ForeFront TMG 2010 DHCP problem

    There is a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine in our office which is configured as DHCP server with Microsoft ForeFront TMG 2010 installed. The system was running all good for the last 3 years. But last week it showed a fatal error (no error code), so we had to restart it. After that, ForeFront TMG...
  4. B

    Big win for net neutrality: Telecom regulator prohibits discriminatory tariffs for data

    NEW DELHI: Telecom regulator Trai on Monday prohibited discriminatory tariffs for data services on the basis of content. The move is a big blow to Facebook's highly-controversial 'Free Basics' platform and Airtel's zero-rated platform 'Airtel Zero'. In an order, 'Prohibition of Discriminatory...
  5. B

    Old music streaming article

    Hi, I've been trying to find an old article on which you guys gave a comparison of the numerous online music streaming services including their pricing, file stream / downloading quality and lots of other stuff, but sadly i couldn't find the article anywhere so if possible could someone...
  6. Flash

    Trai recommendation on minimum broadband speed expected soon

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is expected to shortly come out with its recommendations on redefining the minimum broadband speed to 2 mbps from the current level of 512 kbps. The department of telecommunications (DoT) had in July 2014 notified the minimum broadband speed by...
  7. Cyberghost

    Netflix reportedly launching in India next year

    Netflix is reportedly bringing its streaming TV service to India by 2016, according to The Times of India. Sources familiar with the matter told the newspaper that the service will arrive with popular Indian shows like Buniyaad, Nukkad and Malgudi Days, and will be available on iOS and...
  8. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Telecom operators warn of six-fold hike in data tariffs

    Mobile operators on Friday said that they may have to increase data tariffs by up to six times to remain viable if the proposed regulations did not offer a level-playing field with net-based services such as Skype and WhatApp. Although they "supported" net neutrality and launched a campaign...
  9. S

    I'm looking for asset management services...

    I'm looking for asset management services. I've heard DBS bank provides that. Can anyone tell me more on that?
  10. D

    Host Process for Windows Services

    hi, I found a folder named as music and with the description Host Process for Windows Services in my system as well as in pen-drive. Type of file : Application(.exe) Description : Host Process for Windows Services I cant delete this folder. its not opening too... Even i format my...
  11. R

    Setting Google DNS or OpenDNS for Tikona connection

    Hi! I'm a new member here, I have Tikona 2Mbps Unlimited Plan (FUP 20 GB) using my personal router (Digisol DG-BR4000N/E) and I wanted to set google dns ( as my primary dns BUT when I set it as default, I can't even access the login page of Tikona. I used the trick to edit the 'hosts'...
  12. A

    Xolo q3000 vs lg l90 d410

    Hey guys So specification wise, Xolo q3000 is ahead of LG l90 d410 in most of the aspects, but I am still unsure about the after sales services of Xolo. Any thoughts on this factor? Has anybody got an experience with Xolo mobiles/their services in person? Moreover if you could compare...
  13. Inceptionist

    Need help for student with multiple drops.

    That would be me, by the way. After 10th, I did MSBTE's diploma in computer engg. and it took me 5 years to finish 3 years of the diploma. After that I joined course in BMS as I had realized that even though I am a geek, this industry may not be for me as I don't have adequate academic...
  14. funskar

    Internet Rates May Go Up by 30%

    Using the internet may become up to 30 per cent costlier as the Department of Telecom issued corrigendum to the new telecom licences agreement bringing revenue from these services under its cess net. As per the initial version of the Unified Licence on August 2, DoT had exempted internet...
  15. C

    Trai tightens norms for mobile value added services

    Source Trai tightens norms for mobile value added services - The Economic Times Double Confirmation before Activation of Value Added Services – TRAI NEW DELHI: Telecom operators have to take double confirmation from consumers before activating value added services (VAS) and must complete...
  16. S

    DC++ like app for android..

    I use internet services from a cable operator who provides HUB services. i need an app that can help me use this HUB services on my android phone that is presently running on 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.
  17. Sainatarajan

    Windows Update Service and other services are not running?????????Need help

    Guys, i just found out that the windows update service and many other services are not running. I currently have Windows 7............Do i need to format it and install once more... When i turn on the updates , it says " Windows update cannot currently check for updates , because the service is...
  18. M

    Abotu samsung 'MY SERVICES'

    what is samsung My Services exactly,& are the contents on it free for download or just to enjoy online? is it like nokia's music store? & are we charged for online streaming of live TV/NEWS? -plz help a soon as possible........
  19. Empirial

    BlackBerry launches Rs. 129 monthly plan, offers access to 'ALL BB Services upto 1GB'

    BlackBerry has introduced a low-cost monthly data plan for its subscribers in middle and low revenue generating circles. The Rs. 129 monthly data plan includes access to all BlackBerry services such as e-mail, BlackBerry Messenger, instant messaging, social networking, Internet browsing and the...
  20. B

    Services to Enable Watching US-Only Video Outside of the US?

    What does everyone use to watch US-only video outside of the US? There seems to be plenty of options out there. Previously I used the UnblockUS service however recently I gave UnoTelly a try and it has been pretty good, UnoTelly is very simple to setup on all sorts of devices and also...
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