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Host Process for Windows Services


New to this forum

I found a folder named as music and with the description Host Process for Windows Services in my system as well as in pen-drive.

Type of file : Application(.exe)
Description : Host Process for Windows Services

I cant delete this folder. its not opening too...
Even i format my removable disk it again gets created...
what is that....?

please anybody help me...


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It's clearly mentioned as a file of type, "Application". Hence it's not a "folder", rather an executable file.
Your system have got virus of course. And formatting Pen drive isn't going to help, since the virus would recreate this application on your pen drive.

Use a latest copy of an Antivirus and do a complete scan. I suggest Avira antivirus. Download from filehippo.com


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It is a malware application with an icon same as a Windows folder icon. Now either scan your system with a latest antivirus or use Daphne (A free software) to kill all processes that are using the application, and then delete it.
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