Valkyria: Azure Revolution


After playing first game in the series on Steam I really wanted to more game of this kind on PC . I went emulator way and played Valkyria Chronicles II on my android phone using PPSSPP. Third game was japan only so couldn't try it.

Its kind of tactical RPG game series with very nice gameplay and anime like graphics and story. What really made me love this game is its great combat system and Unique traits system of each character. Game characters were so interesting because of their unique traits and behavior on battlefield. Every RPG lover must try this game.

Sega announced new title in the series coming on PS4 first. I'm sure they will release it on Steam because of great sales of first game on Steam. On ps4 it'll come in Q1 2016 . We can expect PC version soon after that.

Really happy about this game and will buy it on release , yeah on Steam :p


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