1. mailshobhon

    Asus K53sv I5 or I7 version which is better

    Guys i am in great confusion should i go for Asus K Series K53SV-SX521D- with intel I-7 or Asus K Series K53SV-SX520D with intel I-5 please help me out which version is better and i will be buying my laptop from kolkata,so please do let me know some good shops in chandni...
  2. MarveL

    Cant access BIOS in my laptop

    I recently bought a Sony Vaio C series laptop. I found that hardware virtualization has been disabled by sony. I need to access the BIOS in order to enable it. Problem is that I could not find out the keystroke which can lead me to BIOS before bootup. tried with F1, F2, Esc, Del, Enter. but...
  3. T

    cheapest gamepad options ????

    which are the cheapest gamepads available in the market for games like BF3 or MW3?? i even play games like NFS series which would be a suitable pad for me the cheaper the better it would be guys
  4. Skud

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Beta applications for Microsoft's next game in the Flight Simulator series, simply called Microsoft Flight is open now. Head on to the following link:- * Official Website:- Welcome to Microsoft...
  5. Skud

    Remake of Bungie’s FPS Trilogy for free

    Go here and download if anybody's interested:- Aleph One - Marathon Open Source Basically the three games Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal & Marathon Infinity have been remade by Aleph One development community. Source Never heard of this series. :( Any Halo lover or veteran gamer here who...
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