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  1. comp@ddict

    CPU/Chipset News

    This is one of the two dedicated NEWS Channels that have been created after much request by many! And I think I don't have to say anything else to it. MOD EDIT: Post all those zillions of gossips you find in the internet not in seperate threads but here. It becomes hard to manage a hell lot...
  2. H

    wanna buy an old cpu

    hi friends. I wanna buy a old pentium 4 2.4 cpu(478 socket) as mine had been damaged.persons who are willing to sell theirs please contact me at hitler0004@gmail.com.hurry up please coz it is a little urgent.:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?
  3. U

    A guide on getting Penya and how to increase your shop views.

    There are four categories to getting Penya: fighting, raiding, selling and quests. Fighting: Probably the simplest way. Just fight monster and take what they drop. All monsters drop penya when they die, if they are at a level close to or higher than yours. And, if your lucky all monsters...
  4. M

    FS: AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE

    I have brand new boxed pack Phenom II 940 Black Edition processor which I need to sell. I had bough it online for my cousin but he had to suddenly leave for Japan even before I could get the proc. I bought it for 13.5k but will sell it for 12.8k (shipped). Only serious buyers may contact. The...
  5. Skyh3ck

    Want to sell Transcend RAM DDR2 800

    Hell I have 2 * 1 GB DDR2 800 MHZ Ram from Transcend, i have used it for one year, it has life time warranty. I want to sell it, warranty card will be provided, only in Mumbai Please reply if intrested
  6. N

    palit 8600gt 512mb DDR2 for sale

    i want to sell my 8600gt 512mb DDR2 graphic card (8 months old) for RS 2800/- card still in great condition and in warranty, mumbai buyers are preferred. Reason to sell : upgrading to ati 4870
  7. U

    Sell a cpu

    hi, i want to sell my old CPU and buy a new one, old one : 3 yr old cpu intex coral atx cabinate, celeron d 2.4 ghz mercury PI845GLM_AGP intel chipset motherboard 512+128 mb 333mhz ddr sdram 80 gb segate hdd 7200rpm...
  8. H

    1 GB transcend ddr2-667mhz for 450/- only mumbai buyers only

    hi frnds , i hv one 1 gb ddr2-667mhz transcend , want to sell for 450/- only new ram price is 750/- reason to sell-- i hv only 2 ram slots and have already 4GB in those 2 slots-2gb each slot warranty-3 days testing warrenty also have 256mb ddr2 533mhz dynet and 512mb 667 dynet-if i ll get...
  9. N

    somebody stole my laptop

    i had sony vaio and it got stolen.. but i still hav got the charger.. i hav heard that it is pretty much expensive.. i had purchased the laptop three months back.. the condition of the charger is as good as a new one.. i havnt told my parents that i have lost my laptop.. so still got to go...
  10. G

    Need Price for LGA 775 CPU cooler

    I have messed up badly with my CPU cooler(Heatsink). 1 out of 4 plastic screws is gone and I am using my PC with cabinet laid down. Can anybody tell me where can I get new cooler and at what cost in Mumbai/Thana?Does Intel sell those cooler separately? Need urgent reply. Thank you.
  11. Cilus

    my Old AMD machine for sell

    I want to sell my old AMD machine here goes my config: 1. 939 pin AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000+ 2. Gigabyte GA K8N Ultra SLI (4 DDR 1 400 Ram Slot, 8 SATA slot, 2 PCIX X16 Slot, Dual Bios. MAX Ram Support 16 GB) 3. 512 MB DDR 400 MHz Ram with 3 Yrs Warranty (Its 3 months old) 4. 80 GB PATA HDD...
  12. rohan_mhtr

    Xbox 360 controller for pc

    I want to sell my 4 month old xbox 360 controller for pc . I have the bill and it is in perfect working condition and works with almost all games. Looking for a quick sell since a friend of mine is willing to pay me for it . My price is anything above 500 . Mumbai buyers are prefered...
  13. R

    Reliance Netconnect Modem Ec325

    hello, after disconnecting my reliance connection,i no longer have need for my reliance netconnect ec325 modem.Although its worth much more im ready to sell it(along with the installation cd) for a price of 1.5k(negotiable).here r sum pics http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/1404/01032009134.jpg...
  14. S

    Creative Audigy 5.1 Sound Card

    Hi i'm trying to sell my creative audigy 5.1 soundcard bought 2 months ago, i am going to buy 7.1 speaker and soundcard so trying to sell it. No shipping price for kolkata. Price : Rs.1000
  15. ashfahan

    XBOX 360 FALCON with HDMI port

    Hii I want to sell my unmodded NTSC-J ,xbox360 falcon chipset .It is 2008 manufactured so no rood on it. I want to sell it because I want ps3.. It can play all original DVDs and DEMO cds.. I will give 1. XBOX360 Falcon with HDMI (october 2008 manufactured.) 2. wireless controller 1...
  16. N

    palit 8600gt 512md graphic card for sale

    I want to sell my Geforce palit 8600GT super 512mb DDR2 graphic card with bill( in warranty condition) and it is used for 5 months only at RS 2500/- negotiable mumbai buyers are preferred Reason to sell: upgrading to Ati 4830.
  17. oromis

    [FS] P4 pc in Bangalore ONLY

    hello i am planning to purchase a new pc, so have decided to sell my current pc once i get a new one. this is m config intel 2.8ghz, P4 proccessor 80GB HDD, sata, seagate 512mb ram logitech keyboard, microsoft optical mouse creative speakers ( not sure of config or name) intel 914GAV...
  18. A


    I want to sell my Hard disks of size 40GB, 2x 20GB for 1800 RS as they are not available now. All are in good condition.
  19. T

    want to sell my palit 8600gt with 5 games

    I want to sell my palit 8600gt 512mb DDR2, 4 months old with bill (in warranty) at RS 2500/- with 5 top pc games (not original) -->>call of the duty 5, crysis warhead, race driver grid,NFS undercover,flatout ultimate carnage). reason to sell:upgrading to 4830 anybody interested (mumbai...
  20. G


    i want to sell my desktop pc asus motherboard 2.80 GHZ with 2gb ram,160 hdd, 256vram integrated and intel chipset with dual core and creative sound card 5.1 and NIC card also and dual layer samsung dvd writer.(i want to sell this only in delhi) i want to sell this in Rs 9000\-
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