Sell Off My RPi B+ ?


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So RPi 2 has been announced and will be in the Indian market soon. I was thinking to sell off my RPi B+ (3 months old) and get RPi 2 as it sounds promising with Win 10 and most probably FireOS will be released for it only and not for B+. What do you people say?


MS office alternative for pi:
LibreOffice - Pi Store

VLC alternative for pi:
Scamp AV Player - Pi Store

I'm expecting that Windows 10 for Pi 2 would be like Windows 10 for phones.

As for browsing, 4-5 tabs shouldn't be a problem, 10 may cause some glitches and anything above that is overkill.


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So after thinking about it, I am not gonna sell off my RPi B+ unless i get 2000 for it, which is super unlikely. B+ still is great as it does the job for what i bought it for, i.e. 1080p playback and torrent downloads.
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