Samsung S7 in exchange of an iPhone 6S?


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Hi! So I just got an iPhone 6S 16GB as a gift. But, I'm in a dilemma of whether to keep it or to sell it off and get an S7/Edge instead. Due to the iPhone's poor battery life and just 12 GB of usable memory, I'm more inclined for the latter. Will that be a good decision?
Also, where should I sell the iPhone? I'm getting offers of about 38k on OLX, but I'd love it if I could sell it for anything above 42k. Should I take the iPhone to a local mobile dealer and ask him to exchange it for an S7? What price do you reckon I'll get for it?
It relies on upon the client needs. Given underneath are correlation on different fronts. Its up to the client to choose which one suits best.
Processor and Graphics - S7 utilizes Snapdragon 820/Exynos processor and it ought to coordinate the iPhone 6S in speed and illustrations.
Enhanced Camera - S7 utilizes double pixel innovation utilized as a part of DSLR Cameras and can take great low light pictures. S7 can beat iPhone 6S easily in this angle. S7 center is practically moment.


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I don't think you should go for Samsung Galaxy S7. There are many bad reviews on S7.It is far better to have iPhone 6S rather than Samsung Galaxy S7.
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