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  1. T

    Computer Slow Boot up

    When I start my PC the first BIOS Screen comes on after 15-20 seconds and after that boots very fast due to SSD. My Question is why it takes that 15-20 secs to pop up bios screen? My Config is in Signature.. Please give suggestions.
  2. V

    PSU suggestion needed for my rig

    My system specs are as follows: I5 4460 R9 270x 2tb hdd+120gb ssd 8gb ram Dvd writer Dell st 2240 21.5 inch I live in Delhi but power cuts for around 10 secs in evening and I constantly worry that my pc will shutdown while I am doing something important. Please help.
  3. A

    All Games lagging SO BAD! Help ASAP

    Hi guys ! I wish I'm posting at the right place.. My PC Configuration- AMD Phenom II x4 960T 4GB RAM HD 7850 2GB HDD=500GB+1TB Win7 64-bit Few days back I was playing NFS Rivals and noted that it was lagging horribly with the intervals of 10-15 secs .I thought it was because my...
  4. M

    HP GN2 laptop un able to switch on

    dear all, today morning,when tried to switch on my lap top,the latop is not getting switched on. only caps stock led light and wlan orange light is there inpite of many attempts. smalls steps like pressing the start switch for 30 secs after removing the battery and ac cords etc has not...
  5. quan chi

    Strange opera slowdown problem.

    I was browsing for sometime then suddenly the net went off.Then when again it came back and i tried to open a site using opera google search engine.(pls refer the image)Generally i use that only for searching. 1.It said the browser is no longer supported and gave an option to update. 2.I...
  6. windchimes

    "Windows Explorer has stopped working" error

    Recently I reinstalled my OS (win-Vista) and ever since this reinstallation, whenever I connect my Portable HDD (Seagate Go Flex) within a few secs the "Windows Explorer has stopped working" alert pops up and system freezes. And i have to restart the explorer again. How to fix this this...
  7. G

    WIndows XP : slow in start Up and shut down

    Whenever at start up the welcome screen stays atleast 20 secs and after that i see nothing but the wallpaper for 45 secs and only after that the taskbars appear. While shutting down too it takes a lot of time.Is this because of my 1 TB HDD
  8. prabhu.wali

    beep beep

    hi, i got a new intel dg41rq board,the prob is on switching on my pc i get a short beep n after 8 secs another one n also red led keps flickering now n then please help:cry:
  9. tanmoy_Siliguri

    problem with ati cards

    when i played turning point:fall of liberty.......the game run very smoothly...but it stuck after every 4/5 secs for 4/5 secs...i have ati radeon hd 4670(driver 9.1)..i face this piculiar type of problem first time for this game particularly..plz help..
  10. prankie

    Tray closing automatically!!

    I own a Sony DRU-820 DVD-RW drive... the problem is that frm past few days whenever I press the eject button the tray pops out and then pops in automatically aftr 2 secs (sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't) and while the tray is out the light blinks continuously until the tray pops in.. what...
  11. Arun the Gr8

    Samsung DVD Writer causing high CPU usage. Help!

    Hey guys, I have a Samsung SH-S203B SATA DVD Writer and since the last 3 DVDs i burned it is causing nero to show high CPU usage. The mouse cursor moves very slowly (like when i am getting low frame rate in crysis). Also since i connected this writer my PC's boot-time has increased. It...
  12. techking_dinesh

    Some Problems With my PC

    Well PC is running fine Everything opens and all I have Complaint with the performance I know with time technology gets outdated bu still i think my pc is underperforming now 1. Startup Time : Few Months back it was 32 secs. I did a registry edit and brought it to 22 secs. I formatted once (...
  13. S

    how to change boot screen?

    i've both fedora and xp loaded in my system.so as usual,both comes when system boots. but fedora is highlighted and after 30 secs it boots. 1.is it possible that i change the cursor to xp,fedora will be 2nd option ... so that after 30 secs xp boot automatically? also 2.is it possible that we...
  14. ramsingh

    BIOSHOCK crash problem..

    i hav installed retail Full version Bioshock with patch 1.1.. now whenever i try 2 play d game it crashes after 10-15 secs... what 2 do??
  15. entrana

    some crazy sound up in cabby

    guys u dont know what happened just started awhile ago or at least i noticed but a crankling type if sound keeps coming from my cabby. lasts for 2-5 secs and comes like every 1min. what is it.it sounds like a metal jingling. any idea. i know its a fan but i cant trsace which one. imo its the gfx
  16. V

    need help

    I have installed fedora core , i already have windows xp on c drive now whenever i start my system it gives me a screen where i have to hit a key to reach another screen where i can select which os i want to boot. but is it possible that instead of first screen i get the second screan where i...
  17. A

    mp4 video playback expected!!!

    I recently got a .mp4 file which is supposed to contain a music video. But when I play it in Winamp 5.35(the most recent version) only the sound comes - No Video!! The file info shows this:- Track Type Info 1 video H264 Baseline@3, 196.262 secs, 1463 kbps, 480x360 @...
  18. *GandaBerunda*

    Vista is Deadly Slow :(

    I installed vista ultimate on my pc. here is my pc's config 1 Gb Ram 160 Gb HDD Nvedia 6200 But vista is damn slow, slower than xp running on a virus infected 64mb ram pc. I have installed it on dual boot with win xp pro. in G:\ with 18 gb space. Why is this happening? it's so slow tat it takes...
  19. acesuresh

    Save the Students !! Why should they pay?

    Hi All, I think everyone knows the fuss about schools teaching in English medium while they had obtained permission to teach in Kannada. It's been over ten years now, 1.Why is our primary and secondary education minister Basavaraj S Horatti is acting in such a manner? 2.Whats wrong in...
  20. Kalyan

    Need help on Age of Mythology multiplayer

    Hi all.. This looks a bit old but I tried to play Age of Mythology multiplayer game. I connected my friend's system on lan with my pc. I selected multiplayer mode, then 'LAN/Direct IP' option. when I give his ip address directly, the system just scans for 15 secs and says that it doesnt find...
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