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  1. sysfilez

    Right click problem

    i am using win xp sp2, my problem is when i right click on desktop for pop up menu it shows up pretty late (8 to 9 secs), can any one one help me with this.
  2. Official Techie

    norton worm protection

    is detecting morpheus and asks several times if i want to permit it one time in every 5 secs wat do i do to stop it
  3. mohit

    Monitor Problem (Beeps and waveforms)

    hey guyz i am using a Philips 107C5 monitor for the past 1-2 years without any issues .. but recently something weird has started to happen .. whenever i switch on my pc , the monitor gives a faint looooong beeping sound for around 20 secs and i can see waveforms on the screen. this happens as...
  4. Maverick340

    blur in vdub

    how do i blur the last secs of the first clip and starting secs of second clip in Virtual dub.. i want to know how to use the filter...
  5. C

    Lazy Booting..........

    Hi all, My friend has a system having Asus A7V400-MX Motherboard along with Sempron 2400+ processor........problem is that it takes full 3 minutes to load WinXP......but it takes just 20-30 secs for Win98SE........Please is there any solution to improve it's speed.....Tried with SP2 also....
  6. L

    firefox takes long to start

    when i first got firefox it used to fire up immediately. now it takes about 10-12 secs! is it cause i ve installed a lot of extensions?
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