1. Anorion

    [GOT Rewatch] Night Gathers, and now my watch begins

    GOT rewatch! to prepare for season six. This is the timetable for watching the episodes. We are going to go carefully over the entire series, episode by episode. We watch 2 episodes every day of the week, round up, catch up and discuss seasons on weekends. Please don't go on a marathon...
  2. Flash

    The Walking Dead - Season 3

    Yes, it's confirmed.. Telltale made the announcement during a San Diego Comic-Con panel for Skybound Entertainment, the publishing imprint founded in 2010 by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead. Telltale and Kirkman have yet to give us any real details about the third season. We...
  3. Cyberghost

    BBC Confirms Sherlock Season 4

    The BBC has confirmed what we all knew was happening anyway: Sherlock will return for Season 4! Read More : BBC Confirms Sherlock Season 4
  4. RCuber

    Waterproof Laptop Cover?

    Guys, I am looking for a protective cover which can resist water during rainy season. I usually use two pairs of large carrybags to cover my laptop during rainy season, but I want a neater solution. Any recommendations? I don't see any available in ebay.
  5. N

    AC required (max 2-3 hours usage daily during hot season)

    Hello, I've gone through the forum and have read other posts as well, but couldn't find anything suitable, hence the new post. I figured out that I will require 1 ton split AC for usage of 2-3 hours max when hot (summer season), not very fond of getting used to AC, i doubt on using it in...
  6. Katalyst

    [Online Dota 2 Gaming Tournament] Digital Wars Online - Season #2

    eSports Interactive Entertainment brings you Digital Wars Online - Season #2. We are thankful to the community for making Digital Wars Season #1 a success. We also would like to thank the community for the feedbacks & suggestions. We have listened to each of your feedbacks. We also like to thank...
  7. Piyush

    Regarding Ext HDD storage device.

    Want to buy a 500 gb ext hdd. Any particular factors I need to count in? If possible I'd like to have it in 3.5K since its a festive season. Thanks in advance
  8. reddick

    Windows Phone upto 8K

    Hi Dear! As the title suggests , I want to suggest a phone to my friend n he prefers Windows Platform with the described budget. As 'Nokia Lumia 520' is in our mind, Is it worth buying or Please suggest any other phone in this range :?: As Diwali season is here so we are expecting for some...
  9. cacklebolt

    FOOTBALL:Chelsea's recovery strategy..

    To All Chelsea FC Fans !!! We're aware that this month of November has been rocky for us and RDM was sacked..What would be your strategy to bounce back this season?? and whom should chelsea dispose of and target in Jan?? Who will succeed RDM?? SPEAK UP PEOPLE!!
  10. S

    Need help buying new laptop

    budget: below 55k 15-16" screen no brand preferences graphics card needed help me soon...festive season this week over here..hoping to get a good deal
  11. S

    Any ideas about Dadagiri season 5?

    Any news about Dadagiri season 5? Heyy Guys, You might have heard about Dadagiri,has anyone any idea when it's 5th season gonna start and what the concept would be also,"MOST IMPORTANTLY" who would be the gOdDesS this year:mrgreen: Kash meri sOnALI vapas aajaye:-D
  12. evewin89

    Samsung Notebook Max it up contest is a Scam?

    Hello friends,Please advice me what should I do. Samsung Notebook facebook team cheated me. please click any one of my below links to find out what they did to me.:twisted: This is their facebook link * These are the videos i made and posted it on...
  13. L

    Wayne Rooney or Robin Van Persie

    Who will be the highest scorer this season in Barclay's Premiere League? I say Wayne Rooney.
  14. karthik55859

    is it the right time or wait..plz help...need advice?

    hello guyz, coming to the point that...i am planning to buy a new midrange gaming pc...but i am confused ...about the timing i googled... i came to know some of the big mobo comp.. are preparing new chipsets along with pci express 3.0....every year amd is releasing every new...
  15. sachin_kothari

    Karun Chandhok secures F1 drive

    India's Karun Chandhok will race for Hispania Racing Team (HRT) in Formula One this season, the new Spanish-based team said on Thursday. Chandhok will partner Brazilian rookie Bruno Senna at the team, who have changed their name from Campos Meta, when the season starts in Bahrain next...
  16. User Name

    Michael Schumacher says yes to £20m Mercedes return to Formula One

    Grand Prix legend Michael Schumacher has said "yes" to a Formula One comeback. The 40-year-old has finally been persuaded to come to the rescue of car giant Mercedes, who gave him his Grand Prix break 19 years ago. Mercedes came up with £125,000 to hand Schumacher, then an unknown, his...
  17. a_medico

    BIGG BOSS thread

    Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it. What are your views on BIGG BOSS, currently in season 3? My personal fav. was Kamaal Khan.
  18. G

    The Formula 1 - 2009 Season Thread

    The F60 was launched in Maranello, the home of Scuderia Ferrari a couple of hours ago. Highlights: A long front wing with a short, high rear one as well as sidepod mounted mirrors. The slick Bridgestone tyres are also in evidence. The F60 has also been fitted with Ferrari's Kinetic Energy...
  19. RCuber

    Sony makes it pretty clear: no PS3 price drops this holiday season

  20. Ron

    dO u rEmEmbeR UR FiRSt crUsH?

    'What's college life without a crush' read an ad for a soft drink a few years ago. Yes, what would life be without a crush (maybe a few crushes). They say one never forgets one's first love, but this Valentine's season we ask — do you remember your first crush? If so, who was it? How crazy were...
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