1. C

    I need Software...

    I need this kind of softwares....Its urgent.. A software for creating buttons for web pages... A software for Burning CD's (Freeware) A software for Extracting Audio from Video's directly in MP3 format... A software for Creating bootskins... A software for Searching Documents over...
  2. V

    i am searching for battle field 2

    in which edition of digit was battle field 2 demo there can any one tell me this and save me from searching a whole bundle of dvds
  3. Jags

    How to change RAM amount reservd for VGA

    i have got an AMD3200+ on a gigabyte board .. when i boot the PC, the POST screen shows my 256 MB RAM as: 192 + 64 (reserved) after a bit of searching i came to know that the "reserved" is actually reserved for VGA.. can i change this reserved value? if yes. how? thx :)
  4. yrana2002

    Cs multiplayer: No ipx support

    this message comes up whenever i type slist in the console. typing it again gives 'searching local servers' and nothing comes in. Kindly tell me how i can access the multi[layer option.
  5. kato

    Knoppix Live

    People help me i am noob when comes to linux and wanna that i hav burned iso image of knoppix on a cd but when i keep it in my drive and restart pc it takes me to dr-dos.Tell me how to boot from it. i tried searching for this topic in forum but didnt get anything tats why i am makng this thread
  6. godsownman


    Can anybody tell me where one can find plain but good simple templates. Please just tell me the sites whatever they may be having I will manage the choice part. I have tried searching in google but to no avail. Regards.
  7. S

    to protect file and folders

    is there any way to protect and encrpyt files nad folder in window xp is there any software to hide files from searching etc lock them
  8. mohanty1942

    Searching in multiple pages in a PDF file

    When a PDF file is open we can search for a term in one page only at a time. Is there a ny way for searching multiple pages at a time (in one click of search) ?
  9. bharat_r

    Images not displayed sometimes in Firefox

    Images are not displayed in Firefox. Only some images are displayed.As I type this.The emoticons list is not shown properly. I tried un-installing Firefox 1.0.4 & I installed 1.0.6 but still it happens. But all the images are displayed perfectly in IE. One more problem is that animated...
  10. Y

    online scanning!

    hi all, mates can U suggest me some gud site for online scanning! which can detect most of the viruses! .. plzz reply fast! need it urgently .. I did tried searching the forums but couldn't find it! thanks! in advance!
  11. A

    search option is not working

    Hi, I have WinXP, Professional, I have used avast antivirus software, I think it deletes some system file from that day the Search option is not working, Search window is open but its not searching, So what can I do, Please help me :cry:
  12. GameAddict

    What is vlsi-lm- VLSI Licence Manger in a nmap probe?

    Hi, The result of a nmap 3.81 probe shows UDP port 1500 open and the service running is vlsi-lm which stands for VLSI Licence Manager. Any idea what the application is? Searching on Google gave no satisfactory results. The system in *nix based. Bye! GA
  13. Choto Cheeta

    proper way of searching in the forum....

    Most of the time i post a topic other users gives me a link.... & i find that the question is allrady been answared....... so the comon the advice is to search before posting...... i tryed to search in the forum.... but cant find them..... so i want to know the proper way of searching in the...
  14. K

    Suggest me a system - Certainly not for gaming.....

    Hi All, Well, after going through the forums I see most of the suggesstions are for gamers...Well for me its the least I consider... I'm a web developer and I narrowed by selection to P4 2.8 HT/512 MB RAM/80 GB HDD/DVD+CD-RW Combo with all other usual compents comes in for a standard pc...
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