1. I

    where in india can i get this ?

    i m looking for a an AGP 8X card ,and i found recently while reasearching that a card from ati raedon POWERCOLOR AG3850 512 Mb agp 8X, but after a lot of searching still i don't know if this card is available in india or will b availabe soon ? i would like to know if anybody knows about this...
  2. solomon_paulraj

    Vista Source Code

    found this ... while searching... now we know the truth...
  3. rahuljawahar

    sennheiser HD 280 pro

    hi, is there any where in india where i can buy sennheiser HD 280 pro headphones,please help, frustrated searching over net and making some cross country calls
  4. trublu

    registry guide

    For those of you searching for useful registry hacks,this is a useful download: :cool:
  5. jack_the_ripper

    Search before u post? DUH!

    hi guys, well im really getting irritated with the search thing here! few days back i just read an article about "Computer Desk and Chair" here on digit under QnA section... i found it interesting and decided to buy a chair with the specifications mentioned in the thread... i dint bookmark the...
  6. anandk

    "Windows In A Box" FREE !

    Ever get tired of searching for a setting inside the control panel?Inside Windows Xp are hundreds of settings that require endless clicking through the Operating System that can get really frustrating.Windows in a box was designed to eliminate all that.Sits on your desktop,easy to navigate,and...
  7. M

    php source code for searching

    What is the source code for designing a GUI interface for searching a string in php-mysql at the client end.i know that the on-key press option is there. but as php is a server side scripting language, so what is the source code for viewing the changes in the client end after fetching...
  8. A

    Best Video Cutting & Joining software

    Ya guys, I need a good video cutting/joining software. It should be able to handle common files like .dat, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi and so on. Would be pleased if you can mention one for .mov files also. Searching in these forums is a headache:confused:. I use WinXP SP2 on a P4 1.7 GHz.
  9. personifiedgenius

    In The Bed!!!!!!!!!!

    IN THE BED!!!!!!!!!! On your Home page in the Orkut, you'll find Today's Fortune. Just add "in the bed" at last and write it here... (it's fun ):p :p Let me start: Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you,IN THE BED
  10. H

    Which is the best site for searching rapidshare files??

    I would like to know which is the best search engine for searching rapidshare files.
  11. Sridhar_Rao

    Searching in this forum

    This is for the moderator, it is norm to search the forum for a topic instead of posting it new. I noticed that the search results give way too many irrelevant results. I felt starting a new thread is better than searching the forum. Any tips?
  12. Manshahia

    How to keep the systm Cool

    I hav only two fans in my PC one at CPU nd other in SMPS How can i add more fans and where can i add?? Which is the best company for good quality cooling fans?? @Tech_your_future I searched in the hardware section but didnt find any thread related to this after searching. May b my...
  13. anandk

    Is Yahoo hijacking browsers?

    Several articles on Slashdot and other websites are reporting that, in an attempt to gain more of a foothold on browser searching, Yahoo is employing some shady tactics. One way for a search engine to gain a popular place among internet users, is to become the default search tool of choice...
  14. amitava82

    Sify BB client for linux??

    hi all, can any1 please tell me any client for linux which actually works? im tired of searching.. plz tell me if you know..
  15. P

    Need mumbai city map

    I need a mumbai city map , with details of roads, streets etc.....or atleast with places a good image google got a few..but am searching for a few more...can any1 get me??? thanx..
  16. rakeshishere

    P2P Tips & Tricks - Easy Torrent searching Read here
  17. ravi_9793

    electronic project

    hi... I am a engineering student(electronics and comm.)....... I need to make a simple electronic project. can any one help searching a simple electronic project on net.
  18. M

    Unable to remove Smitfraud-C by spybot ,,,

    hey guys,,, it was nice surprise for me after checking log of spybot ,,why becoz,, Smitfraud-C.: Temporary file (File, nothing done) C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\_iu14D2N.tmp and after searching on googe its trojen,,,,,, then how to remove this...
  19. S

    Google Earth

    hey guys i have recently installed google earth beta .can somebody tell me how to oprate it.i try searching for cities but it does not show anything.
  20. R

    Please Help!!

    Hi All, For the past 20 Minutes I have been searching for The thread on howto...Download files in Happy Hours On DataOne...without disturbing your own sleep!!1 Now when I need it.. I am not able to find it!!! Either I am not searching well 'nuf or It's my bad luck!! Please give me the...
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